Arts of the American West: Native American Art for Sale

In our varied Western American Arts category, dealers offer captivating paintings, photographs and Native American art and artifacts. The collection includes works by Edward Curtis and Frederic Remington as well as Navajo textiles that capture the beauty of the American West. You will find a variety of important examples of Indian Artifacts dating back a few centuries, such as Zuni pottery, Native American jewelry, and a Navajo rug. Find artifacts from Native American clothing, to pottery jars by Southwest Native American pottery artists. Fine western paintings by Charles M. Russel and Frederic Remington join with Victor Higgins to capture both traditional and contemporary essence of the American West. There is much to cherish about this collection, as it represents the best of artistry and trade work in Native American art, and the Arts of the American West.

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Native American Pottery

The items within this category are mainly divided between fine two-dimensional artwork and pottery and textiles created by Native Americans. This pairing is a fitting way to portray the American West because it both depicts the region as seen through the eyes of those who lived there, and it includes items that were handmade using natural elements and decorated or had important practical use within the antique Western home. Shopping in this category, primarily for Southwest Native American antiques, includes prints, paintings, pictorials, blankets, baskets, and the like. This is a rewarding experience and a wonderful opportunity to return to some of the most pivotal, yet trying times in our history—during the settlement and expansion of the West—and find the beauty within the region.

Native American Jewelry

Our Western Arts category is also closely related to our folk arts division, which celebrates the work of laboring and indigenous groups of people. The feeling of those communities is still relevant in this collection, regardless of the artist, and collectors will see the range of work and lifestyles in the Western United States at that time. There are many beautiful examples of American Indian art, and Native American figurines, widely ranging in color, ingenuity, vision, and innovation within these pieces, and their condition is superb for collecting and displaying, as many are museum-quality pieces. To own a piece of original period art from the great American West, browse our offerings and see what our many dealers have to offer.

Early Western Photography

Photography was budding in the American West during the 19th century, and many of the images we have today in history books and museums of Native Americans, settlers and early Western American towns were taken by the earliest photographers. Many of these aged pictures are now available to help tell the story of a period in our country that is much different from today. These prints—many black and white photos—depict various parts of life in the West at that time: people, animals, indigenous groups, scenes from towns or rural life, portraits of families or public figures and more.

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The inventory in this collection speaks to how rare and priceless the images are, as there are not many pictures of cameras from that time still in good condition that are not already in private collections or given to universities, museums and related institutions. Collectors will find this a category to watch closely for important images not known to many of the public and offered to committed photography and Western enthusiasts.

Native American Textiles

Textiles are a very large portion of the Western art collection, and integral to the collecting and studying of Native American arts. Our dealers bring you the best possible selection of Native blankets, rugs, carpets, and varying textiles that were hand-woven with wool or other fabrics and dyed with homemade dye as well. You will find that some of the textiles in this category are quite dated, while others are a bit more contemporary, though they carry the same style, technique and format of their predecessors. This is a wonderful chance to purchase an original Indian textile and preserve the tradition of great Western art.

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There are many Navajo and Yei blankets in this selection of textiles, some measure 76 inches by 57 inches, such as a Red Mesa designed rug that served as a transitional rug for the chief on the reservation in the early 1900s. There are also historic infant blankets woven from wool in the mid-late 1800s that would have been used to bundle a child onto a cradle board. These are just a few examples of the meaningful blankets and rugs available for purchase in the textile section.

Other - Beadwork, Basketry, Regalia, etc

This is the section for all things Western beyond textiles, pottery, and fine art. In this space, you will discover jewelry, clothing and accessories, bags, dolls, weapons and more. The more specific parts of daily life and working in the American West and more antique pieces are available here in this assortment of Native and Western life. Learn more about the tools Natives used, the clothes they wore and what objects they made for amusement as you browse this rare and engaging collection.

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One of the more interesting components of this category is the bronze studies of various Native American leaders. Sculpted by contemporary artist Jud Hartmann, these figures stand roughly two feet high and display the poise, honor and courage that each of these warriors commanded. There is also a bronze sculpture of Pocahontas, Cherokee ball players, busts, and a pair of mermaids.

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