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This extraordinary box is one of the more unusual items of Indian workmanship to have come to light in recent years. Each side, including the base, is of a large, flat piece of agate (or possibly closely related sardonyx which has been mined in India for thousands of years), and each side is bordered with silver mounts that have been chased and engraved with birds, cows, and mythical composite animals amid sinuous foliate scrollwork and against a tooled background. A figure of a man appears on one side. The figure could be that of a European or an Indian but in any event is in the process of firing an arrow from a bow.
Ancient Roman Gold Heraklese Knot & Green Glass Bead Necklace, circa 1st to 3rd Century AD


Egyptian Limestone Round top Stele For Amun Seramun and his wife Tjent-Tjertjer, 1292 BC - 1069 BC
Model of a Peacock, Gilded, Enamelled & set with Turquoise & Pearls, China, circa 1920


Mughal Dagger (Khanjar) with Jade Hilt inlaid with Rubies & Gold, India, circa 1800
Theodore Roosevelt - Photograph Signed, 1907


Albert Einstein - Typed Letter Signed, 1950
Seated Shaman with Duck Mask, Veracruz Culture Mexico, 500 AD - 1521 AD


Silver Shivalingam set with a Single, Massive 189-carat Emerald Lingam, India, 19th Century


Huastec Decorated Conch Shell Trumpet, Mexico, 1200 AD - 1500 AD -
Aquamarine in Muscovite


Diego Maldonado - Garnet mounted in silver pendant


Schorl with Quartz, Cleavelandite, Topaz & Apatite, Dassu, Baltistan, Pakistan
Ocelocoatl Hacha Totonaca Culture, 500 AD - 1521 AD


Galena on Fluorite, Hill-Ledford Mine, Cave-in-Rock Dist., Illinois.


Pair of Yuan Dynasty Mounted Riders, 1127 AD - 1279 AD
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