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"I'm afraid my own career, which has been erratic and disordered, if seldom dull, would not be a very inspiring one to dilate on...". A Remarkable Letter: F. Scott Fitzgerald Evaluates His Career And Offers Life Advice While Awaiting The Publication Of The Great Gatsby. The letter, responding to a request by an American teacher S.D. Green to offer advice to his students, is written in ink and signed by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Although not dated, the letter was written between February and April 1925, while Fitzgerald was staying at the Hotel Tiberio in Capri awaiting the publication of his masterpiece, The Great Gatsby, published on April 10, 1925.
Albert Einstein - Typed Letter Signed, 1934


Albert Einstein - Autograph Letter Signed, 1937
Harry Houdini - Typed Letter Signed, 1922


Strabo. Strabonis rerum Geographicarum Libri XVII, 1707
Enamelled Silver Hookah Vase, 18th century


Tang Dynasty Sancai Glazed Painted Pottery Horse, 618 - 907
Albert Einstein Counsels His Son on the Meaning of Life, 1932


Carlos Estrada-Vega - Don Celedono, 2014
Tourmaline on Smoky Quartz


Restauration Mahogany Grecian Couch, 1835-1840
Pair of Yuan Dynasty Mounted Riders, ca. 1127-1279 A.D.


Limestone Group of The Education of the Virgin, mid-15th Century
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