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1968. Extremely Rare Limited Edition Of Surrealist master René Magritte's Les Enfants Trouvés, number 89 of only 350 issues printed on Velin d'Arches. Complete With Twelve Breathtaking Lithographs. The first four illustrations (numbered recto) are magnificently unique, conceived by Magritte specifically for this production. While certainly distinctive, these images--as well as the final eight--represent a summary of his favorite ideas and symbols, many taken from recent pictures: the clouds, female torsos, and birds, to name a few.
Important Maya Royal Jade Belt Celt, ca. 550-950 AD


Cast Bronze Lidded Vessel Of A Short-Lived Form Called A Jian, ca. 770 - 476 BC
Euclase on Cleavelandite, La Marina Mine, Boyacá Dept., Colombia


Rhodochrosite, N'Chwaning Mine, N. Cape Prov., S. Africa
Extraordinary Inlaid Garnet and Ruby Armlet or Bracelet, ca. 400 BC - 100 AD


Important Published Jalisco Family Group, 100 BC - 250 AD
Apulian Red-Figure Pottery Lidded Mug (Oinochoe Shape 8B) with Eros, God of Love, and a Dolphin, 320 - 300 BC


Pair Of Lacquered-Brass Eagle-Base Candelabra, ca. 1820
Egyptian Faience Votive Hedgehog, 1963 - 1862 BC


Seated Figure, Olmec Culture, 1200 - 600 BC
Female Figure with Headdress, 300 - 1532 AD


Etruscan Fine Bronze Patera Handle, ca. 400 - 200 BC
Extremely Fine And Rare Carved Mahogany Oval Center Table, ca. 1820


Mayan Pottery Polychrome Cylinder ca. 500 to 800 AD
Declaration of Independence: Benjamin Tyler 1818 - First Print with Facsimile Signatures


Leaves From George Washington's Own Draft of His First Inaugural Address, ca. 1789
Marble Figure of Ganesh, 900 - 1300 AD


Apulian Red-Figure Hydria, 400 - 300 BC
Collection of Venezuelan Gold Crystals, Roraima Shield, Gran Sabana, southeastern Venezuela


Watermelon Tourmaline / Large Tourmaline with Pocket / Large Rubellite, discovered in the famous Cranberry Pocket at the Cruziero Mine in Minas Gerais
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