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"There can be no life without change, and to be afraid of what is different or unfamiliar is to be afraid of life." - Theodore Roosevelt. Huge signed photograph of Theodore Roosevelt as president, inscribed to Roosevelt's physician and close friend. The large image depicts the bespectacled president seated at his desk holding some papers. Roosevelt's personal inscription, in deep black fountain pen upon the reverse blank portion of the papers in his hand in this image reads, in full: "To Alexander Lambert with the affectionate regard of his friend -- Theodore Roosevelt -- March 4th 1907".
Parcel-Gilded Silver Repousse Man's Ga'u Box
Northern Bhutan, late 18th-early 19th century. This spectacular, large, parcel-gilt, silver man's ga'u box is repoussed in high relief and chased with an impressive triple-headed figure of Dorje Phurba in the yab-yum ('father-mother') position with the consort deity Dorje Phagmo. Despite its large size and weighing more than 2.5 kilograms, this ga'u would have been worn. And when not worn, it would have been kept in the home, perhaps on the altar. Such large and figural ga'us are distinctive of Northern Bhutan.


Gilded Silver Devotional Plaque with Tara in Lapis Lazuli & other semi-Precious Stones
Nepal, 18th-19th century. This fine devotional plaque produced by Newar craftsmen in Nepal is of gilded or gold-plated silver and has been set with lapis lazuli, turquoise, rubies and garnets, and rock crystal. Most of the stones show a degree of basic faceting. This plaque might have been used as the front of a ga'u box, or it might have served some other purpose. Certainly, plaques set with semi-precious stones of all sizes and for use in many ways in association with worship were produced in the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal.
Carved Steatite Nomoli Figure
Sierra Leone, 15th century or earlier. This steatite stone figure was made by the West African people whom early Portuguese sailors referred to as the Sapi. Stone sculpture is rare in West Africa but small clusters of hundreds of such figures have been unearthed in Sierra Leone and in nearby territories. They were largely unearthed by a later people, the Mende and Kissi, who often uncovered them whilst working the land. The name 'nomoli' is a Mende term.


Gilded, Carved Mirror
Thailand or Burma, circa 1850. This splendid example of an aristocratic lady's toilet mirror is from Thailand and possibly Burma. The mirror itself is held within a carved wooden frame that is fixed at an angle. The wide bench space at the front was to hold porcelain and silver and gold jars of cosmetics. The mirror would have been placed on the floor and the lady concerned would have knelt on the floor before the mirror to attend to her grooming, or it was placed on a low platform, raised slightly above the floor.
Silver Ayigula Pendant in Stupa Form
Andhra Pradesh, India, circa 17th century. This elaborate stupa-form lingam casket (ayigula) is a superb and rare example of this type of lingam box. It is made of silver, chased and incised, and pierced applied silver plaques. It is topped with a tall stupa structure with an attendant Nandi, all in silver. Elsewhere there are multiple applied and perforated lozenges, perforated applied bands, architectural finials, and lotus bud finials.


Fine & Large Solid Silver Mughal Cuspidor
Northern India, 18th century. This is the largest and most spectacular Mughal Indian cuspidor or spittoon that we have seen. It would have been used not atop a table but would have sat on the floor, most probably in a royal palace. It is beautifully constructed from solid, high-grade silver that has been hammered, chased and engraved. The silver content is likely to be high than sterling. Such vessels were used in conjunction with betel nut and chewing tobacco. Today, it would make a fine flower vase.
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