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This impressive, large sculpture of a horse still retains much of its original white pigment in tact. However, even more impressive, is the removable saddle with engraved details that graces his back. This saddle appears to have once been painted orange and likely would have once supported a sculpted rider. The horses ears stand at attention. Its striking eyes are well defined. Its nostrils are flared and its mouth is open, suggesting the horse has just come to rest after a vigorous journey. These rare features, in particular the open mouth and removable saddle, are highly sought after by collectors.
Picasso - Self portrait - Signed Poster, made in 1969
Pablo Picasso (1881-1973, Spanish). The poster has two signature, one is above the Marlborough the other is next to the image. Dimensions: 39" x 24"3/4


Female Figure with Headdress
Sinu Culture - Colombia, 300 - 1532 AD. Medium/Materials: Gold; Dimensions: 2.5 x 2.25 x .5 inches
Renaissance Gemstone Ring, Gold, Ruby, and Enamel
Western Europe, late 16th century to early 17th century. To judge from the number of examples that survive to the present, enameled rings with high box bezels were enormously successful among aristocratic patrons from the second half of the sixteenth century up through the first half of the seventeenth century. The bright green, white, blue, and red enamel on this ring's shoulders is comparable with examples from the late sixteenth century.


Speech of Abraham Lincoln, Delivered at the Cooper Institute
Speech of Abraham Lincoln of Illinois, Delivered at the Cooper Institute, Monday, Feb. 27, 1860 [Cooper Union Address]. with: Carte-de-Visite of the Mathew Brady "Cooper Union" photograph. "Brady and the Cooper Institute made me President." -Abraham Lincoln. First Edition of Lincoln's historic Cooper Union Address, delivered on February 27, 1860 at the Cooper Institute in Brooklyn, New York. The speech is largely credited to having launched Lincoln's Presidential bid. With silver print carte-de-visite of the Brady "Cooper Union" photograph.
Pair of Art Deco Carved Jade Pendant Earrings with Gold Mounts, c. 1920


Complete Mounted 100,000,000 Year Old Dinosaur


Crowned Buddha, Kingdom of Arakan, Mrauk U Period, circa 16th/17th C.
Georges d'Espagnat - Girl with a Red Scarf


Yoruba Wooden Stool, circa 20th Century, Nigeria


Savoyard Artist. King David in Prayer, circa 1475
Spessartine with Schorl, Little Three Mine, Ramona Dist., San Diego Co., California


Leaves From George Washington's Own Draft of His First Inaugural Address, 1789


Extremely Fine Federal Serpentine Inlaid Mahogany Bureau, New York c. 1800
A Greek Bronze Helmet of Apulo-Corinthian Type


West Persian Kurdish kalay, Last Quarter 19th C.


Bamana Kore Society Mask, Mali, 20th C.
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