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Mayan Double Deity Eccentric Flint, 500 - 800
Eccentric flints, such as this, were sacred, high status offerings and evidence of the skill and technology of the Mayan workshops. The delicate tan chert or flint is finely knapped with two opposing deity profile heads, projects extending from their sloping heads, a pointed blade separates the two profiles, and a tapered base at the bottom may have been attached to a staff or scepter. Areas of red hue in stone. A rare and lovely carving. Custom mounted.


Kandyan Period Gilded Standing Bronze Buddha, Sri Lanka, 18th C
This fine example of a Kandyan-style standing Buddha is finely cast in bronze with traces of gilding. Originally, it would have been completely covered in a thin layer of gold. The image stands on a hour-glass shaped dais. The robes or civara are long and folded in a typical way for a Kandyan 18th century standing depiction of the Buddha. They are decorated with fine, wavy lines, front and back.
Antique Kazak , Southwest Caucasian, Last Quarter 19th C.
The Kazak region of the western Caucasus has woven boldly patterned, strong coloured rugs in scatter sizes since at least the beginning of the 19th century. Various villages each specialize in their own particular designs: Bordjalu, Karachoft, Sewan,Lori Pambak, Shulaver, etc. Many Kazaks, however have no village name, but are clearly recognizable as belonging to definite types and this is one such attractive example. This is a rather large and colourful weaving from the Kazak district.


Mimetite, Congresso-Leon Mine, San Pedro Corralitos, Chihuahua, Mexico
This is a botryoidal Mimetite from Mexico. These were all discovered in the 1970's and this one has always been considered the #1 example ever found. This one is an "11". You can immediately see it has a brightness and luster that few of the others possess. This Mimetite is pictured in one of the early mineral books where minerals are beginning to be appreciated for their beauty and not science. Court & Campbell published "Minerals, Nature's Fabulous Jewels" in 1975.
Hemingway, Ernest. Autograph Letter Signed (ALS) on the meaning of The Old Man and the Sea, 1959
An Outstanding And Important Autograph Letter Signed By Hemingway On The Nature Of The Struggle And The Ultimate Meaning Of The Old Man And The Sea. The letter, written on Hemingway's Finca Vigia (Cuba) letterhead and dated April 19, 1959, is Hemingway's response to an inquiry from an Israeli boy, Tsur Bernstein, who asks Hemingway to settle a disagreement between him and his scoutmaster.


Antique Chinese Peking , Northeast China, circa 1900
This attractive scatter has an uncommon desirable medium blue ground decorated with Chinese objects in the " 100 Antique " manner along with seasonal flowers. The usual colourways of Peking rugs of this period are either dark blue and ivory or ivory and dark blue. The fret corners add unusual rust arabesques. The paeony ivory main border is an interpretation of 19th century Ningxia rugs. The medallion displays paeonies, fretwork, dragon heads and flowering branches growing from a stylized rock.
Imperial Roman bronze oil lamp in the shape of a Dolphin, 1st - 2nd C.


Apulian Red-Figure Pottery Lidded Mug with Eros, God of Love, 320 - 300 BC


Rare Enamelled Silver Armenian Orthodox Altar Cross, 18th-19th C.
Antique Heriz , Azerbaijan Province , Northwest Persia, Early 20th C.


Vivianite on Siderite, Huanuni, Dalence Prov. - Oruro Dept. - Bolivia


Serapi Grade Antique Heriz, Azerbaijan Province, NW Persia, End of 19th C.
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