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Old Indian Gold Necklace with Crescent Shaped Medallion, late 19th Century
Heavy gold necklace with white and green crystals and a crescent white sapphire medallion. Dimensions: 24 inches. Weight: 178 grams 
Gold enameled Diamond Ring, 20th Century
Rajasthan, India. 18K enameled gold ring, set with a clean white silver foil back rose cut Diamond. 1.5ct.


Emerald Fantasy, 20th Century
New Delhi, India. A finely made 22K gold Indian necklace studded with 14.66ct of rose cut diamonds and set with 66ct of emerald bead dangles. It comes with an adjustable gold chain and clasp.
Hellenistic Greek gold ring with cabochon garnet intaglio of Aphrodite, 200 - 100 BC
Eastern Mediterranean. Hellenistic Greek gold ring with large domed cabachon garnet carved in intaglio with frontal image of nude Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, standing by a fountain while arranging her hair.


Imperial Roman massive solid gold wide-shouldered style ring
A massive Imperial Roman solid gold ring of angular wide shouldered style, a raised circular boss on the bezel. Intact, 3d - 4th Centuries AD, eastern Mediterranean. US size 8.5. Ring size is approximate, since ancient rings are not perfectly round.
Pre-columbian Jaguar Gold Bell, 900 - 1500
The quality of this pre-Columbian gold piece is exceptionally fine, especially considering it was cast in wax around 1,000 years ago with the lost wax technique. Ring the bell and feel the quality of gold.


Pre-columbian Chavin Gold Monkey Plaque
Vibrant green Chrome Diopsite necklace with Pre-columbian Chavin gold monkey plaque. North Coast Peru. 500 BC. Ex. Jean Eugene Lions, Switzerland.
Signet Ring YN DEDE, 15th century (?)
This massive ring has a heavy gold hoop widening at the shoulders to join a thick round bezel with intaglio device surrounded by a cabled border. Engraved in the center of the bezel is a round-faced lion, above which an inscription in Gothic lettering reads in reverse: "YN DEDE," ("in deed or "indeed").


NO RESERVE - Gothic Garnet Ring, possibly 14th-15th century
This heavy cast gold ring is set with a pyramid-shaped bezel and cut garnet. The band is decorated with heavy gold globules at the shoulders and tapers around the band, widening in two places with additional globules and decorated with tracery in Gothic style.
Authentic Naga extra large burgundy whiteheart Royal glass bead necklace with topaz bead center
Authentic Naga extra large burgundy Whiteheart glass bead "Royal" necklace with topaz Bead Center, green bands at the top and long beaded shell button clasp. The piece is 46 inches long and has 44 strands of beads and is in very good condition for its use and age which is estimated to be the early 1900"s.


Extremely Rare and Important Konyak, Naga Antique Cotton, Hand Stitched Body Cloth, 19th century
Extremely rare and important Authentic Konyak Naga tribe antique cotton, hand woven, hand stitched body cloth belonging exclusively to the wife of a chief (Ang) of a prominent village in Nagaland. Done in patterned knotted fashion, late 1800's, early 1900's. A similar piece is in the Weltmuseum in Germany. Very few are known to exist.
Imperial Roman opus interrasile gold earrings set with garnets and pearls


Pre-columbian Diquis Gold Eagle Pectoral


Rare large Hellenistic Greek gold ibex head earrings set with garnets
Antique Gujarati Dowery Necklace


Authenic Rare Konyak Naga Chief's Wife Beaded Body Cloth


Chandora Earrings
Byzantine Cloisonne Ring


Antique Rajasthan Mughal style Necklace


Renaissance Gemstone Ring
Old Maharaja Bajuband of Gold and Diamonds


Early Medieval Ring


Old Indian Bazuband Inlaid with Diamonds
NO RESERVE ITEM - Gemstone Ring


Important matched pair of Bronze Age Near Eastern gold pendants, Tel el Ajjul type


Islamic Emerald and Pearl Ring
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