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A Greek Bronze Helmet of Apulo-Corinthian Type, Southern Italy, ca 4th century BCE
Representing the later style of the characteristic Corinthian form, this is an example of personal armour worn by the Italic Greeks around the 4th century BC and an essential addition to any ancient weaponry collection. It is skillfully constructed from hammered sheet bronze, the domed form features a broad top flange, with high-arching, M-shaped eyebrows in raised relief. To the back of the helmet, the nape is flared both to allow the soldier to move freely and to protect him from the blows of the enemy but this helmet features a piercing at each end the of neck-guard to secure it by means of a chinstrap. Across the crown are rivets and plates for the attachment of either a horsehair crest, or menacing metal animal horns. It is abundantly decorated with incised chevrons around the eyes and nose-guard, there is a border of zigzags to the rim and two large, confronting boars decorate the joined cheek pieces.
Extremely Fine Federal Serpentine Inlaid Mahogany Bureau, New York c. 1800
The oblong top with exaggerated serpentine front edge and string edging above a conforming case with inlaid light-wood stringing at every edge, having four graduated drawers each with string inlay and original brass bale-handle pulls with oval stamped brass back plates, above a string-edged double cyma-shaped apron extending to tall flared French bracket feet... (1)
(1) Charles Montgomery, American Furniture of the Federal Period (New York, Viking Press, 1966), p.31.


Parcel Gilt & Enamel Silver Filigree Cockatoo Canister Box, China c. 1910
This rather extraordinary, possibly unique canister is of gilded (gold-plated) silver and is shaped as a crested cockatoo. It is an exceptional example of late Chinese export silver work. Most of the body and wings are covered in the finest, most intricate gilded silver filigree work. The beak is enamelled with a pleasing red colour and the crest is decorated with pale green and cream enamelling. The eyes are set with protruding, hemi-spherical chrysoberyl cabochons.
Gandhara Stucco Head of a Buddha, 300 - 500 CE, Afghanistan
The historical figure, Buddha Gautama Sakyamuni is the Buddha of compassion who, having achieved the highest evolutionary perfection, turns suffering into happiness for all living beings. Born around 560 B.C. somewhere between the hills of south Nepal and the Rapti River, his father was a Raja who ruled over the northeastern province of India, the district including the holy Ganges River.


Ming Dynasty Stone Sculpture of Guan Yu, 1368 - 1644 CE, China
1368 AD to 1644 AD, China. This remarkable stone sculpture is a testament to the popularity of Guan Yu during the Ming era. Resting on a rocky mound, the general sits with his legs wide apart in a gesture of invincibility. His right hand is tightly clenched and his left rests on his thigh, pointing inwards at a sharp angle. The drapery has been finely carved, especially the wide collar and the folds beneath his rotund belly.
Eleanor Roosevelt - Personal Badges for the 1960 Democratic National Convention
With Typed Letter Signed. Eleanor Roosevelt's Official Convention Badges For The 1960 Democratic National Convention. With a signed letter from Roosevelt to her good friend Mayris Chaney concerning her arrival at the convention.


Large Chupicuaro Female Figure, Ca. 300 - 100 BCE
Large hollow pottery standing female figure holding both hands to her chest. She is depicted with an elongated head rectangular head, her face with open mouth with individually applied teeth, large incised eyes and ears wearing ear spools. Face has facial tattooing of cream ground with red painted geometric facial decoration, solid red on the upper torso and lower leg bands. 
Apulian Red-Figure Hydria, 400 BCE to 300 CE


Important Giltwood Girandole Mirror, c. 1825


Marble Figure of Ganesh, 900 - 1300 CE, India
Gold Navaratna Ring (Anguthi), India 19th C.


Pair Of Lacquered-Brass Eagle-Base Candelabra, c. 1820


Important Published Jalisco Family Group, Ca. 100 BCE - 250 CE
Roman Glass Trulla, 50 - 150 CE


Bamana Kore Society Mask, Mali, 20th C.


A Roman bronze Skillet, Ca. 65 - 85 CE
Smoky Quartz on Dolomite, Cavradi, St Gotthard, Switzerland


Extremely Fine And Rare Carved Mahogany Oval Center Table, c. 1820


Vanadinite on Barite, Mibladen, Morocco
Gonzalez de Mendoza, Juan. The Historie of the great and mightie Kingdome of China…


Dufour, Joseph after Jean-Gabriel Charvet. Les Sauvages de la Mer Pacifique…


[Tahiti] Davies, John. A Tahitian and English Dictionary…
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