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Majestic Ancient Dogon Shrine Figure, Published with Fine Provenance
Starting Bid: $35,000. Dogon, Mali, circa 1700-1800. Among Dogon figures to have entered the auction market in the last decade, this extraordinary figure, with cubist features, elegance and a majestic presence, is aesethically among the most spectacular. The figure possesses a rich patina showing its antiquity and extensive evidence of both human handling and surface wear in an indigenous shrine context. The elongated arms and alignment of head, arms, cubed hands, and legs create a profile which is a seamless rhythem of sculpture. 
Powerful Dan Spirit Face Mask, Ex. Charles Davis III
Starting Bid: $5,000. Dan, Côte d'Ivoire/Liberia. 1880 - 1910. "This mask is attributed to the Dan tribe or the dan po me, meaning Dan-speaking people of Liberia and parts of the Ivory Coast. Inhabiting the forested region between the two countries, the Dan is a vast culture, numbering over 350,000 with many groups and subgroups. Their masks are among the best known African art objects in Western collections and are usually identified by the natural refinement and smooth patina of their wooden surfaces. Dan masks are believed to be imbued with protective powers."  


Important Lumbo Fetish Figure from William Brill Collection
Starting Bid: $35,000. Lumbo, Gabon, 1850 - 1890. The Lumbo tribe employed spectacular figures such as this fetish ("empowered" object) to use in a variety of important communal rituals. This rare and important female figure is known as "nkoshi." Nkoshi were thought to have been employed in divination rituals by the Lumbo and may have been used to protect ancestor bones and relics, much like the well-known Kota tribe brass-covered reliquary figures whose magnificent form.
Spectacular Antique Baga Drum with Abstract Figures
Starting Bid: $5,000. Baga, Guinea, 1900 - 1930. This exceptionally beautiful and rare drum originates with the Baga peoples, who occupy a narrow stretch of marshy lowland along the Atlantic coast of the Republic of Guinea, West Africa. Almost without exception, Baga drums are featured in the most important tribal art collections in the world. The Baga, one of the smallest ethnic groups in Guinea, have lived relatively isolated from their inland neighbors and foreign visitors due to the vast swamps that surround them.


Superb Female Baule Shrine Figure by the Asher Master
Starting Bid: $7,500. Baule, Côte d'Ivoire, 1890 - 1910. This superbly-carved and refined female figure was carved from the workshop of a known hand, the 'Asher Master'; there are few other examples in archives from this workshop. In addition to being published in "L Ame de l Afrique", Serge Diakonoff, Les Editions de L'Amateur, (Naef), page 118, it is one of the few remaining sculptures from this known workshop not already in an important private or institutional collection. The carving hand of the workshop of the "Asher Master" is unmistakable and the resulting creation is one of beauty, refinement, and a degree of elegance for which the Baule are known.
Important Luba Caryatid Stool with Female Figure
Starting Bid: $7,500. Luba, Democratic Republic of Congo, 1870 - 1890. Luba stools are among the most prized in Africa, and with good reason. This stool has a symmetry and balance with an extremely naturalistic face and body style. The ketoid scarification is exceptionally well done, as is the coiffure, which is exceptionally detailed and provides an exemplary "absence of space" style as it drifts back from the front of the stool and head. A complete sculpture, which has likely been in other publications and archives as well.


Superb Museum Quality Baule Male Shrine Figure
Starting Bid: $9,000. Baule, Côte d'Ivoire, 1890 - 1910. As this beautifully crafted male figure illustrates, Baule figures can be among the most elegant and carefully designed pieces in Africa. This piece, carved from a single piece of wood, shows the classic Baule introverted facial expression; a finely detailed face and exceptionally detailed craftsmanship throughout. The ketoid scarification throughout the figure is exceptionally carved. It is of a quality rarely seen in the Western market, and of a style that fetches high prices at auction due to its beauty, fine aesthetic, and exceptional age, approximately 100 years.
Starting Bid: $4,000. Staff of the Sande Society, 1880 - 1920


Starting Bid: $6,000. Two-Figure Songye Divination Cupholder, 1900 - 1920


Starting Bid: $4,500. Baga Abstract Shrine Figure A T-shol, 1870 - 1900
Starting Bid: $6,000. Complete Bura Ancient Funerary Urn with Head, 300 BC - 1200


Starting Bid: $2,000. Dynamic Cubist Songye Fetish Figure nkisi, 1870 - 1900


Starting Bid: $4,000. Fetish Mask with Nails, Ex. Johnson Museum, NY, 1890 - 1900
Starting Bid: $3,500. Enchanting and Rare Holo Animal with Nails, 1850 - 1900


Starting Bid: $1,750. Bundu Mask of the Sande Society with Single Crest, 1900 - 1920


Starting Bid: $1,500. Elegant Female Ibeji from Oyo Region, 1900 - 1930
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