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Complete Mounted 100,000,000 Year Old Dinosaur
66,000,000 to 145,000,000 years old, found in Montana. The Dinosaur has been named 'Cory'. It is a sub-adult which is over 17 feet long (approximately 5.3m). The specimen is very well preserved and mounted on a metal armature exoskeleton, so as to allow for portability. No bones have been compromised in the mounting process. 
Silver Bodice Piece set with Seventy-Four Large Table Cut Diamonds, 1680 - 1720
Viceroyalty of New Spain, probably the Captaincy General of Guatemala. This unusually large and early colonial Spanish bodice ornament in the Baroque style is from the Viceroyalty of New Spain, either Spanish colonial Guatemala or Mexico. It was designed to be sewn to the upper section of a wealthy or aristocratic woman's bodice. It could be worn today, on a ribbon or chain, as a large, three-part pendant necklace.


Transitional Navajo Chief Blanket Variant, 1880 - 1890
Transitional Navajo Chief Blanket Variant. Circa 1880's. Intact Braided finish points. Hand Spun Merino Wool : Indigo Blue, Natural Ivory and Brown. 55″ x 63″ (1.39M x1.60M). A very rare blanket with a beautiful layout — Great Art
A Manuscript Transcription of Antoine Verard's Printed Book with 20 Pen Drawings, 1525 - 1530
GUILLAUME ALEXIS, Le Passe-temps de tout homme et de toute femme; L'ABC des doubles In French, illustrated manuscript on paper. With 20 pen drawings (first hand-colored in wash) by an unidentified artist based on the woodcuts in published in Paris, Antoine Vérard, c. 1505. France, Normandy, Rouen?, c. 1525-1530. 158 ff., complete, bound in a half-pigskin binding over wooden boards.


Renaissance Cameo Ring with A Double Portrait, representing Hercules and Omphale, 1500 - 1600
Italian, 16th century, sardonyx with modern gold mount. The technique of carving cameo out of hardstone was first developed at the Hellenistic courts and in turn enthusiastically adopted by the Romans. Cameos were often worn in rings and portraits and mythological scenes were the favorite subjects of these fine, delicate sculptures that were highly prized by collectors from ancient times onwards.
Antique Navajo 3rd Phase Chief Blanket, 1880 - 1890


Historic Navajo Late Classic Serape Wearing Blanket, 1885 - 1890


Historic Native American Textile, 1880 - 1890
Faria Y Sousa, Manuel de. Asia Portuguesa, 1675


World War II Naval Ship Recognition Models, 1940


Vasari, Giorgio. Vite de' più Eccellenti Pittori Scultori e Architetti… 1794
Seguy, E. A. Papillons. Complete collection of 20 pochoir plates, 1925


[Cook: First Voyage] Magra, James, attributed. A Journal of a Voyage round the World…1771


Strabo. Strabonis rerum Geographicarum Libri XVII, 1707
Dow, Alexander. The History of Hindostan. Translated from the Persian, 1772


Sydney Punchbowl. A handmade replica of the precious original Chinese bowl in the State Library of New South Wales, 2014


Stockmans, Pieter and others (attributed). Diarium Nauticum Itineris Batavorum in Indiam Orientalem…1598
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