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Quartz coated with iridescent Hematite
Graves Mountain, Lincoln County, Georgia, USA; A striking and excellent specimen from this classic American locality of Quartz coated with iridescent Hematite. Since the 1920's this locality has produced a wide variety of mineral specimens. The pristine condition in combination with the well balanced aesthetics of this specimen is particularly uncommon. The naturally vibrant color of the iridescent hematite is notable. This specimen offers the opportunity of adding a lovely and pristine specimen of this classic association to your collection. Joe Budd Photo.
Marc Chagall - Illustrations for the Bible, 1956
First American edition, Inscribed By Chagall And With Stunning Original Full-Page Color Drawing of Moses receiving the tablets on title page. With important provenance. The astonishing original Chagall drawing, which fills nearly the entire title page (10.5x14 inches) depicts Moses receiving the Ten Commandments with an angel to his side.


Takahashi Ryoun - Okimono of a Toad, c. 1900 - 1920
Okimono or sculpture in the form of a large toad poised to leap. Of cast, cold-chiseled and patinated bronze; the eyes inlaid in shakudo and gold. Signed on the reverse with a cast seal-form signature by the artist: Ryoun (Takahashi Ryoun, active early 20th century). Late Meiji - Taisho era, circa 1900 - 1920.
Bournonite on Quartz, Yaoganxian Mine, China
This Bournonite has the most well defined "drill bit" or "elongated cogswheel" crystal I have ever seen. It has the appearance of being machined out of polished steel. The fins are all terminated with wonderful striations and stepped crystal faces. The top termination is flat and shiny. The crystal is attached to a whitish lustrous Quartz crystal with the termination pointing into the base of the Bournonite. It is the ultimate example for the species.


German Wheel Lock Battle Axe Combination, circa 1600
The Axe was a popular weapon for battle with a knight unseated from horseback. Combination Wheelock weapons were only made in small number due to the expense of production and they lost popularity with the advent of the flintlock. This Combination weapon is 32 inches long is is inlaid in bone with a dot and three leaf clover design above a handle deeply incised with a knight with sword and shield battling a knight with axe and shield; animals at their feet.
Cerussite, Kombat Mine, Namibia


Heart of Planet 1, Mawi Mine, Afghanistan


Kitagawa Hokusen, inlaid bronze okimono of a puppy
Quartz v. Amethyst - "The Croc", Uruguay


Beryl v. Heliodor, Volodarsk - Volynsk, Ukraine


Tourmaline v. Elbaite, Paprok, Afghanistan
Naga Morung Female Figure, E. India/W. Burma


Fluorite with Aurichalcite, Is Murvonis Mine, Italy


Double Barrel Knife Percussion Pistol, c. 1850
Roshan Houshmand - Black Birds, 2010


Roshan Houshmand - Blue Kolam, 2013


Roshan Houshmand - Pansy, 2003
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