Roshan Houshmand - Purple Water Lily
Roshan Houshmand - Purple Water Lily, 2004
2004, New York. As an Iranian/American painter who was raised in the Philippines and then Iran, with a Dutch-American mother and a Persian father, my roots are steeped in ancient patterns and textures. My formal education in the arts however is absolutely Western, with a BA from Bennington College and a MA and MFA from Rosary Graduate School of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy. My life's journey has been based on making art for the past thirty years. It has been the only constant in my life for as long as I can remember. My process feels ritualistic, and I am often guided by intuition, and a sensitivity to the formal relationships in paint.
Federal Inlaid Mahogany Tambour Cylindar Secretary Bookcase


Federal Inlaid Mahogany Tambour Cylindar Secretary Bookcase
Philadelphia, c. 1798. In two parts: the upper case with projecting cornice above a veneered frieze above a pair of glazed cabinet doors each with thirteen panes with cross banded tracery and ivory key-hole escutcheons opening to three adjustable shelves above; a tambour desk, the interior fitted with six short drawers above three long cross banded drawers above nine valanced pigeonholes above a sliding leather-covered adjustable writing surface.
Colt Second Model Dragoon revolver, 1851
Colt Second Model Dragoon revolver, 1851
One of only 2,700 made this is serial number 10322. The second model is recognizable by it's sqareback trigger guard and cylinder stops in the rectangular shape. This revolver shows some signs of the original finish and the cylinder scene is no longer visible as is common with the dragoon revolvers due to extensive use over the years. The cylinder scene was rolled on at the factory rather than engraved as are the serial number and other markings. Therefore it worn off quite rapidly in the filed from use.
Carved Mahogany Sideboard, 1815 - 1825


Roshan Houshmand, My Yellows from You, Your Reds to Me, 2013


Mahogany British Campaign Desk, 1890
Museum Sample of Monumental Italian Coal


Set of Five 'Fancy' Painted Chairs, 1805


Roshan Houshmand - Moksha, 2010
Jud Hartmann - Matoaka aka Pocahontas, bronze


The Ovray Hours, illuminated manuscript, c. 1430


Jud Hartmann - The Moose Hunter, bronze
Renaissance Gemstone Ring, 1550 - 1600


Pair of Rosewood Grained Upholstered Side Chairs, 1805 - 1815


Roman Marriage Ring with Clasped Hands, 3rd century
Beautiful Italian Flintlock Carbine, 1680


Sword Pistol combination weapon, 1700 - 1750


First Volume of the Bible of Louis De Harcourt, 1260 - 1280
Brahin Pallasite Meteorite Slice


Posy Ring "In Love Abide Till Death Deuide" 17th C.


Quartz v. Amethyst, Brandberg District, Namibia
The Villeneuve Hours, with 22 Miniatures, c. 1450


Jud Hartmann - Set of Two Mermaids, bronze


Roshan Houshmand - Mirror Garden II, 2013
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