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Pair of 54-Bore Adams 1855 Model Double Action Percussion Revolvers, ca. 1861
This handsome pair of 54-Bore Adams 1855 Model Double Action Percussion Revolvers feature elegant engraved and gold-washed handles, and are of presentation quality. The barrels and frames of each revolver are abundantly engraved with scrollwork and retain much of their original gold-washed finish. Fitted with finely chequered light hardwood butts, the revolvers are housed in their original case, which is veneered in a handsome wood and mounted with elaborate gilt-brass plaques engraved with scrollwork. The stately box is lined with a lush velvet and gilt-stamped trade label that reads: "R. Adams, Manufacturer of Fine Arms of all Kinds. Wholesale & Retail. Patentee of the Revolver, adopted by Her Majesty's War Department & the Hon. E.I. Company."
JFK Assassination


Dutch Terrestrial Table Globe by Gerard Valk
This extraordinarily rare terrestrial table globe was crafted by Dutch cartographer Gerard Valk, who is considered to be the only significant publisher of globes in the Netherlands in the 18th century. Called a cosmotheore, this globe is an instrument of exceptional importance, and gives a detailed picture of the earth's land masses and bodies of water as they were currently understood.
Yousuf Karsh - Georgia O'Keeffe
Yousuf Karsh - Photograph of Georgia O'Keeffe
Large gelatin silver print of one of Karsh's most iconic images, signed by Karsh in ink on border. Photograph taken in 1956; printed later (c.1980). Gelatin silver print, signed in ink by Karsh on border, mounted, framed. A large, stunning image in fine condition. Size: 20x16 inches (photograph); 29x24 inches (framed).
Large Silver Ritual Wine Chalice, ca. 16th C.


Seymchan Pallasite Meteorite Slice, 1967


Princely Knife set with Diamonds & Rubies, 1850
Murad Karabaev - Eclipse, 2014


Historic Native American Textile, 1880


Murad Karabaev - Pink Euphoria, 2014
Seymchan Meteorite Slice with Chromite


Blue Cap Tourmaline, Pala, California, USA


Esquel Pallasite Meteorite Slice, 1951
Cerussite Crystal, Kombat Mine, Namibia, 1965-1975


Le Quy Tong - Speed Under Bridge, 2012


Latchezar Boydjiev - Flight Back, 2015
Daniel Marin - Profession, 2015


Janet Sherman - Seven Sevens, 2015


Signe Stuart - Chance, 1977
Martin Rosol - Blue Orbit, 2015


Huanghuali Writing Box with Paktong Mounts, 1640


Vaclav Rezac - Element 14, 2011
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