Chinese Carved Ivory Pendant
Chinese Carved Ivory Pendant, 1600-1650
Exceptionally Rare Chinese Carved Ivory Pendant after designs by Daniel Mignot, Augsburg, active 1593 - 1616 and his contemporaries. This unique pendant of the first half of the seventeenth century is made of ivory and almost certainly in China. The scrollwork designs of both front and back are based on ornamental prints by the Augsburg-based Huguenot engraver Daniel Mignot and his contemporaries. The basic design of the pendant is West European and of the Renaissance period, however other details suggest a Chinese provenance. The goldsmiths of the Renaissance period would have transferred such designs into models made of lead or other metals before making the final object in gold. Examples made of ivory are hitherto unknown, the use of this material suggests and gives further confirmation of an Eastern provenance.
Trinh Tuan - Golden Thoughts


Trinh Tuan - Golden Thoughts, 2008
Trinh Tuan's work is primarily figurative lacquer paintings. Often a single figure depicted in his paintings can bring forth feelings of loneliness, sadness, or happiness and love. His portraits unleash many emotions from inside the images he paints. Trinh Tuan was born in Hanoi, Vietnam in 1961 and graduated from the Academy of Industrial Fine Arts Hanoi in 1985. He is a professor of the medium lacquer on wood at the Hanoi University of Fine Arts.
Sunset on Mauna Kea
Psittacosaurus Dinosaur Fossil Skeleton, about 130 to 100 m.y.o.
This complete fossilized skeleton of a Psittacosaurus dinosaur is extremely rare and awe-inspiring. Taking its name from the Greek for "parrot lizard," due to its remarkable beaked skull, this dinosaur belonged to a genus of horn-faced dinosaurs who lived during the Early Cretaceous Period in what is now Asia, about 130 to 100 million years ago.
Green Bowenite Box with Fine Silver Mounts, ca. 1820


Wooden 'Katoyo' Mask, Angola/Congo, early 1900s


Knife with Mughal Pale Green Nephrite Hilt
Gold Mask & Chain, South Maluku, Eastern Indonesia


Alfred Stieglitz; Paul Strand - Camera Work: Issue No 48


Engraved 'Magic' Bowl; Safavid Persia (Iran) 17th C.
Minol Araki - Flowering Plum Branches, 1977


The King of Italy's Throne Chair, ca. 1865


Minol Araki - Bamboo, 1977
Nguyen Quang Huy - Tribal Indochine 3, 2008


Dinh Y Nhi Asian Story, 2008


Vu Thu Hein - Blue Fantasies, 2011
Mayan Pottery Polychrome Cylinder, ca. 500 to 800 AD


Empress Joséphine French Snuff Box, ca. 1810


Yamazaki Kakutaro 1935 Lacquer Moribon
Bronze Crawling Balakrishna, South India, 17th C.


Attic Black Figure Oinochoe by the Painter of Vatican


Mid Century Modern Bronze Sculpture by Yasumi II
Minol Araki - Lotus, 1977


Stone Vishnu, Orissa, India, 17th C.


Minol Araki - Three Fishes, 1977
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