Parcel-Gilt Silver Ga'u Box
Rare Parcel-Gilt Silver Ga'u Box, 19th century
Himalayan India, probably Sikkim. This ga'u is unusual in that it is not from Tibet, Nepal or Mongolia - the usual sources for ga'u boxes - but from Himalayan India, most probably from Sikkim. It comprises a silver frontpiece, fully enclosed, and chased in high relief with Himalayan Buddhist symbols, and deities. The sides of the ga'u also are in silver which has been engraved and gilded. The back of the ga'u comprises plain copper sheet. Much of the decoration on the front comprises a Tibetan astrological diagram. The engraving is particularly fine and shows the Himalayan precious objects amid very finely rendered scrolling shrubbery.
Ofuke Ware Hand Warmer


Ofuke Ware Hand Warmer in the Form of a Rabbit, 19th century
Te-aburi or hand-warming brazier for matcha tea ceremony in the form of a plump, long-eared rabbit. Of hand-sculpted, Ofuke type stoneware with an applied opaque, milky-white unofu ash glaze. Late Edo period, early 19th century. This pale white hare would have been the perfect companion for late summer moon viewing.
Sunset on Mauna Kea
Sunset on Mauna Kea by David Howard Hitchcock, 1926
An original large oil painting on board of the view of Mauna Kea on the Island of Hawaii at sunset, seen from Waimea. In the foreground are lush green trees, rendered in highly textured dark greens and browns. The dirt road leads the eye to the pasture lands which have been created by the artist's license.
Historic Navajo Blanket for Infant, ca. 1860's


Garuda Plaque, Nepal, 16th century


Pre-Contact Kou Umeke
Karl Pierre Daubigny - Pêcheurs à bord d'un bateau


Teapot with Silver & Turquoise, late 19th C.


Theodore Rousseau - La Mare, 1855
Achille Laugé - Le Mas de l'Alouette, ca. 1900 - 1905


Ricietl Vurkovitsky - El Carnero Pasqual


Henri Martin - View of the Rooftops, ca. 1930
Jade Navratna Pendant Necklace, 17th C.


Vishnu & Garuda Pendant set with Pearls, 1700 - 1900


A pair of Akota Earrings from Gujra, 18th C.
Eudialyte from Kipawa, Quebec


Pyrite on Prehnite, Merelani Hills, Tanzania


Emerald, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Mango Mala with Rubies & Emeralds, 18th C.


Silver Articulated Crab Okimono, ca. 1890 - 1920


Jud Hartmann - Warhawk, 2010
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