Bone Figure of Chitipati
Chinese Carved Bone Mountain Sculpture
The story of the Chinese goddess Guanyin is beautifully depicted in this magnificent Chinese bone sculpture. Exhibiting the highest level of detail, this monumental sculpture is masterfully crafted entirely from the highest quality bone in the ancient Chinese tradition. Intricately hand-carved, the mountain scene is covered with the finest details, such as winding walkways, blossoming trees, billowing clouds and over forty human figures. The central figure, Guanyin, known as the Maternal Goddess, the Protectress of Children, and the Observer of All Sounds, is one of the most revered figures in Chinese mythology, frequently gracing both temples and domestic shrines.
Francis Garnier


Hubnerite with Quartz, Mundo Nuevo Mine, Peru
This Hubnerite on Quartz is among the most spectacular we have ever seen in our 30+ years. The Quartz crystals are elongated and tapered, bright, clear and flawless. The blackish block tabular crystals of Hubnerite explode from the center creating a dynamic sculptural quality. The entire piece looks like a geometric representation of an frozen explosion.
Silver & Gilt Dagger
Xiphactinus audax - "Fossil Fish skull", Cretaceous (83 m.y.o.)
Gigantic fish skull (profile), and post cranial bones from an extinct predatory fish, Xiphactinus. This skull is 3-dimensional and has substantial depth and relief. There are a total of 25 real teeth of various sizes; the largest tooth is 2" (5 cm.) long. Most are in excellent shape. The large cranial crest is present and articulated. The texture and detail on the cranial elements are superb!
Seated Chief - Colima, 100BC - 250AD


Malachite, Congo


Standing Figure - Olmec Culture, 1200 - 600 BC
Gold & Silver Brooch with Large Emeralds & Diamonds


A Mukut head ornament of Lord Vishnu


Archer's Ring Studded with Gold, Diamond and Rubies
Antonio Quadri's superb coloured panorama of the Grand Canal, Venice


Pteranodon longiceps - "Pterosaur skull", 83 m.y.o.


Box in shape of Mango Studded with Precious Stones and Diamonds
Pairoj Karndee - Longing, 2015, Thailand


Calcite, Elmwood Mine, Elmwood, Tennessee


Ricietl Vurkovitsky - Betsabe, 2009, bronze
William Swainson's Zoological Illustrations


Jud Hartmann - Bronze Study for King of the Maquas


Persian Hadji Jallili Tabriz, Late 19th C.
Bronze Sculpture of Eels by Watanabe Shiho


Alan Mcdonald - Beyond the Pale


Karen Woods - More or Less
Spider Woman Cross Runner, circa 1920


Wesley Anderegg - Going in Together


Teec Double Saddle Blanket, circa 1930's
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