Bone Figure of Chitipati
A Bone Figure of Chitipati - Shri Shmashana Adhipati, early 19th century, Mongolia
A magnificent carved bone (most likely human) figure of Shri Shmashana Adhipati, the Glorious Lords of the Charnel Grounds, Mother and Father. The two skeletal figures are portrayed in an intertwined eternal dance upon a lotus pedestal, their faces each with three penetrating eyes, mouths open in wide smiles, fangs bared. Both figures wear simple skirts around their waists, rippling with the movement of their dance, long, flowing scarves around their shoulders, and a crown of skulls upon their heads topped by a vajra.
Francis Garnier


Pablo Picasso - Couple et voyageuse, 1881 - 1973
Pablo Picasso (Spain/France, 1881-1973) Couple et voyageuse, from 347 Suite, May 3, 1968 (Bloch 1543; Gaiser/Baer 1559Bb1); etching signed 'Picasso' (in pencil lower right), numbered 28/50 (in pencil lower left) printed by Aldo and Piero Crommelynck published by Gaerlie Louise Leiris, Paris, 1969.
Silver & Gilt Dagger
Fine Silver & Gilt Dagger (Kongdi Maja), 18th-19th century, Bhutan
This very fine and unusual example of a traditional Bhutanese dagger or kongdi maja has a sharp, single-edged steel blade. The hilt comprises a faceted grip covered in fine cream-coloured shagreen (stingray skin) and a cap-shaped pommel covered in parcel-gilt silver decorated with Bhutanese Buddhist symbols on one side and on the top and with a pierced, honeycomb trellis on the other.
Protosphyraena nitida - Prehistoric Swordfish


Rare Russian Blackamoor Cane, ca. 1910


Jean Gabriel Domergue - La Danseuse du Lido, 1950
Seated Female, San Sebastian Style - Nayarit, 100 BC - 250


Feathered Serpent - Aztec, 1350 - 1521


Four Silver Gilt Dragon Salts by Garrard, 1844
Single Fossilized Sea Lily, 180 - 170 m.y.o


Incised Plate - Chavin, Peru, 900 - 200 BC


Eshu (Elegba) Shrine Figure, ca. 1900
Gold Necklace with Enamel work studded with Diamond, Ruby and Pearl


A Mughal Jade Box depicting tree of life, 17th Century


Sarpech from Gwalior, 18th Century
Native American Textile - Teec Nos Pos, ca. 1930


Inventive Persian Motasham Kashan, 1850 - 1875


Toadlena Two Grey Hills, ca. 1930
Jud Hartmann - Guyasuta - Seneca Warrior, 2003


Late Classic Navajo Serape, ca. 1870′s


Wesley Anderegg - Coffee and Smoke
James Busby's work on vineyards in colonial Australia, 1830


Charles Gill - Abstract Painting


The Holy Bible in Hawaiian Language, 1843
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