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Egungun Headdress
Egungun Headdress with Two Heads, Two Fierce Animals - Yoruba Tribe, Nigeria, early 20th century
This example features two wild-dog or hyenas with two faces and a long coiffure that joins the two heads, reminiscent of Eshu figures that have braided hair that sweeps back into a hook or crest. This is a very interesting feature of the headdress. The faces have a gentility that is nice; the blue coloration in Yoruba culture is used to "cool down" the energy of the object; one notes the blue solvent applied throughout the headdress.
Francis Garnier


Francis Garnier's great work on the exploration of the Mekong River, 1873
Paris, France, Hachette, 1873. A very handsome set, in four volumes, with, in the two text volumes, 11 maps, a plate and a plan, and many half-page steel-engraved illustrations throughout; and in the first of two atlas volumes 12 maps, nine plans and an aerial view (some tinted); in the second atlas volume, "Album pittoresque", 48 plates (including 44 bis) on 40 sheets (six of them double-page), mostly tinted in sepia and 11 of the plates in full colour.
Persian Serapi
Persian Serapi with innovative folkloric design, circa 1875
This is a first-quality 19th century Persian Serapi carpet featuring a highly innovative rendition of the archetypal "animal skin" design, consummate quality, extremely sharp drawing and a unique, saturated color palette. With harmonious balance and masterful artistry, this totally original connoisseur's rug boasts a purposefully asymmetrical center medallion culminating in an exotic shield mandala in thrilling hues of cobalt and soft coral.
Compelling Mask of the Lwalwa mvondo, Early 20th C


Seri Phuengporn - Asia, 2015


Jud Hartmann - An Iroquois war party
Classic Navajo Woman's Dress Panel, ca. 1870's


Antique Persian Afshar, 3rd quarter 19th C


Late Classic Wearing Blanket, ca. 1870's
Blacksmith Trade Sign Weathervane, 1870 - 1930


Solvyns' enormous colour-illustrated work on late 18th-C. India


Bronze Sculpture of Feng-kan by Sasaki Shodo, 1919
Precious Ibeji - Yoruba Tribe, Nigeria, 1900 - 1930


Selena Yazzie - Navajo Weaving 2013 - 2015


Jud Hartmann - Garakontie
Bronze Vase by Nakajima Yasumi II, 1965


Ricietl Vurkovitsky - La Pregonera de Las Frutas


Silver & Gilt Betel Box Set, early 19th C
Benjamin Jones - Isolation by Protection


Sencha Tea Cermony Chago by Joun, circa 1912 - 1920


Jud Hartmann - Madacka-wondo - Penobscot Chief and Shaman
Matt Duffin - Wireless


Kollner Watercolor of Hamburg, 1840


Matt Duffin - Backflow
Christel Dillbohner - Field of Cones


Voyage of the Beagle, by Charles Darwin and others


Henry Jackson - Untitled 31-14
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