Teke Figure
Spectacular Teke Figure Filled with Magical bilongo, Democratic Republic of Congo, 1890-1910
Few Teke figures to enter the Western art market demonstrate the level of carving skill, aesthetic beauty, and impact conveyed by this figure. Vetted as antique and authentic by a committee of experts at Bruneaf in Brussels, this figure was featured in the Bruneaf catalogue and was a source of great enjoyment and discussion for collectors. The figure features exquisite detail throughout, artistic and naturalistic balance, and a polished, glowing patina, the result of fine finishing and years of human handling. A superb sculpture for any collector of objects of the highest quality and importance.
Gold Pendant of Meenakshi


Gold Pendant of Meenakshi with Emeralds & Rubellite, ca. 1900
South India, probably Madurai. This fine pendant of repoussed and hammered gold sheet shows the deity Meenakshi, the South Indian avatar of the goddess Parvati. The two pairs of parrots shown with the goddess suggest her identity as being Meenkashi.
Simon Bolivar Kero
Simon Bolivar Kero, ca. 1825
This rare and magnificent wood kero was one of a pair that was used by the famed Latin American leader Simon Bolivar along with Jose Domingo Choquehuanca to toast to the liberation of Peru and Bolivia from the Spanish. This important event took place in Pucara, Peru during August 1825 and was their first meeting since the liberation of Peru and the same week as the declaration of the Independence of Bolivia.
Rock Crystal Cornucopia by Rössler, ca. 1890


Caucasian rug from prized Lesghi tribe, 1850 - 1875


Elizabethan Tigerware Jug, Hallmarked London, 1580
Ming Style Carved Wooden Figure of Guanyin, 19th C.


Dutch Colonial Sandalwood Betel Box with Gold Mounts


Ornament in the Form of a Tiger, gilt silver, 18th C.
Taisho Era Sake Ewer by Ogaki Shokun, 1912 - 1926


Jiang Guozhang - Panorama of the Yangtze River Gorges


Bronze Tortoise Sculpture by Rokusui, Meiji era, 19th C.
Father Du Halde's classic work on the Chinese Empire


Benjamin Jones - Death of Playmate


Charles Gill - Chip 107
Benjamin Jones - Isolation Tank


Captain William Bligh's original account of the Bounty Voyage and Mutiny


Benjamin Jones - Avenger
Alan Mcdonald - A Man Called Horse


Matt Duffin - Fool's Gold


Wesley Anderegg - Mr. Big
Garth Claassen - Defense of Empire Series 1


Matt Duffin - Tried and True


Karen Woods - Close One
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