Publication of Confucius
The First European Publication of the Chinese Philosopher Confucius - 1687
The earliest appearance in Europe of the works of Confucius: "Confucius Sinarum Philosophus, sive scientia latine exposita". Paris, Andrea Cramoisy for Daniel Horthemels, 1686-87. Small folio volume including a folding engraved portrait of Confucius and a folding engraved map of China, several engraved headpieces and initials; a fine copy in an 18th-century binding. The first European printing of the works of Confucius and an early Enlightenment milestone, precursor to the great eighteenth-century enthusiasm for China, a development that had a dramatic influence on European culture, most obviously in the decorative arts and architecture, but also in the currents of scholarly and intellectual writing. Leibniz and Voltaire were among the more important writers to adapt Chinese ideas, quite apart from ambitious projects such as Du Halde's great "Description".
Miró, Tzara - Parler Seul


Joan Miró; Tristan Tzara - Parler Seul, 1948 - 1950
"This book represents a particularly effective collaboration between artist and author. Miró's brilliantly spontaneous and amorphous images, drawn directly on the stone with very few preparatory sketches, have the inventive verve of Tzara's random verses." - The Artist and the Book. Signed Limited First Edition, number 158 of only 200 copies.
Agate Table
Ocean Agate Table on Patinated Steel Base
Ocean Agate is comprised of a pure opaque white quartz, highlighted by clear bluish quartz. The contrasting red and brown marks are hematite and limonite. This striking slab is backed by plexiglass for extra strength. The custom base is patinated steel. Alternate bases are available.
Edward Ashworth - Chinese Street in Macao, 1844


Silver medal commemorating Captain Cook, 1784


Illuminated manuscript leaf ft. the world Jerusalem, 1430
Joseph Lycett's 48 superb Views in Australia, 1825


South Italian Terracotta Antefix Relief with Horse


Captain Cook's Voyage to the Pacific Ocean, 1785
Alan Mcdonald - Spaceman


Henry Jackson - Elemental #3


Matt Duffin - Jailbreak
Patrick Gass - A Journal of the Voyages of a Corps of Discovery, 1807


Egyptian Roman Solid Gold Bracelet, 2nd-3rd Cent. A.D


First Printing of the Canons and Decrees of the Council of Trent, 1564
Aquamarine on Muscovite, Hunza Valley, Pakistan


Egyptian Copper Alloy Mins-Axe, ca. 2160-2050 B.C


Elmwood Calcite with Sphalerite on Matrix
Cecelia Nez - Large Teec Nos Pos Navajo Rug, 2013


Wesley Anderegg - Man with Magic Hat


Fossil Fish Triptych, 51 million years old (Eocene)
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