Wedgwood Fairyland Lustre Ghostly Wood
Wedgwood Fairyland Lustre Ghostly Wood
Monumental and extraordinarily rare, this covered Malfrey pot from Wedgwood's immensely popular Fairyland Lustre line features the ethereal and eerie Ghostly Wood pattern against a pale blue sky. Arguably the single most important design from the Fairyland Lustre line, Ghostly Wood pieces of this size and impeccable condition are incredibly rare on the market, with the majority of the existing pieces being held in important museum collections around the world. Executed in bold colors and enhanced by an innovative iridescent lustre glaze, the inventive design epitomizes the incredible technical and creative superiority of this celebrated line of porcelain from Wedgwood. The dreamlike Fairyland line sprang from the imagination of one designer, Daisy Makeig-Jones, and her fantastical world continues to enchant collectors today.
American Eagle


Wilhelm Schimmel - American Eagle, 1880
Wilhelm Schimmel (1817-1890) - Carlisle County, Cumberland Valley, Pennsylvania. An icon American folk art carver, Schimmel demonstrates his spontaneous carving mastery on this eagle. This eagle's charming expression, large size, elaborate all over finely detailed notch carved and cross hatched surface with original polychrome paint and outstanding untouched condition combine to create one of Schimmel's masterpiece eagles.
Birds of Prey
Benjamin Jones - Birds of Prey
Benjamin Jones was born in 1954 Atlanta, Georgia.
Education: 1977 - BFA, State University of West Georgia.
Medium/Materials: Mixed media on paper
Dimensions: 15" x 11.5
Alan Mcdonald - If I Ruled the World (self portrait)


Petrified Wood Specimen with Crystals, Eocene


Garth Claassen, b. 1950 - Floater with Light
Peacock weathervane, pierced sheet / wrought iron


Charles Gill, b. 1933 in Caldwell, Idaho - Chip 101


Egyptian Bronze Ibis, ca. 600 B.C.
Etruscan Terracotta Votive Head, ca. 4th Century B.C.


Karen Woods, b. 1963 in Seattle - Fan 2


Benjamin Jones, b. 1954 in Atlanta - Four Heads
Russian Ammonite Pair, millions years old.


Roman Marble Fragment with Centaur, ca. 2nd-3rd A.D.


Thunder Egg Half, Created millions of years ago
Ricietl Vurkovitsky - TEMIS Goddess of Justice, 2011


Christel Dillbohner, b. 1956 in Köln - Ice Floes


Greek Attic Black-Figure Lekythos, ca. 500 B.C.
Wesley Anderegg - Flying Dream


Henry Jackson - Untitled 36-14


Wesley Anderegg - Trapeze
C.W. Dare Carousel Horse, ca. 1880


Patek Philippe Electronic World Time Tower Clock


South American Presentation Sword, ca. 1820
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