Iridescent Ammonite
Iridescent Ammonite with Rare Blue Coloration
75 - 70 million years old (Late Cretaceous). The spectacular colors of this ammonite exceed expectations, even for ammonites from the distinguished Bear Paw Formation. Rarely are blue-indigo and violet seen in these specimens, yet, in this example, turquoise is also present. Brilliant greens, some red-orange and yellow-gold accompany the rare blue palette in a breathtaking profusion of shimmering color. Coveted by collectors the world over, the finest ammonites from the Bear Paw Formation display remarkably brilliant colors not seen in ammonites from other localities. Their stunning palette results from light interference by the shell layers.
Pair of armlets


Pair of armlets from Minangkabau
Sumatra, 19th Century
High karat gold with ruby inset
Dimensions: Approx 1) 3-5/8'', 2) 3-7/8''; Weight: 185 gram and 205.6 gram
Medium/Materials: gold, rubies
Manhattan Project Glass
Manhattan Project Glass, Hanford Location
This glass was used at the Hanford Washington Manhattan Project location. One of the biggest and most undercover operations the United States Military has ever done. There were three main facilities around the nation that took part in the making of the first atomic bomb. At Hanford they created the first plutonium ever, that went into the Trinity bomb in New Mexico, the first man-made nuclear blast, and the plutonium for the Fat Man Bomb dropped on Nagasaki, Japan.
Ricietl Vurkovitsky - El Contorcionista, 1987


Teotihuacan Stone Figure, 400 - 600 AD


Fine Roman Bronze Bust of Herakles, 0 - 300 AD
Gandharan torso, ca. 3rd Century


Antique Navajo Foxtail Yei, ca. 1939


Woven Cane Jewellery Basket, ca. 19th Century
Sassanian Silver & Gilt Bowl, ca. 4th C.


Fossilized Crocodile with Preserved Skin, 51 m.y.o.


Aztec Stone Male Head, ca. 1470 - 1521 AD
Assyrian Stone Head of Pazuzu Amulet, ca. 6th BC


Douglas Stewart - Morrison, 2014


Egyptian Bichrome Faience Shabti ca. 1350 -1200 BC
Blue Fluorite, Cave-in-Rock, Illinois, United States


Pair of Fossilized Palm Murals for Wall Display


Barite and Marcasite Stalactite, Poland
Concentric Aragonite Pipe Czech Republic, 1906 - 1991


Rare Enamelled Silver & Leather Hookah Base


Navajo Mesa Transitional Blanket, 1900 - 1910
Thomas Hartmann - Circum 4, 2014


Pyrite, Huanzala Mine, Peru


Daisy Tauglechee - Two Grey Hill Tapestry, 1940s
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