Woolly Mammoth Tusks
Largest Matched Pair of Woolly Mammoth Tusks in the World, Alaska, 40,000 - 60,000 years old
This is the largest matched set of woolly mammoth tusks ever discovered. Exceptional curve and coloration also distinguish this massive pair. Entombment for tens of thousands of years in the Alaskan permafrost produced the dramatic coloration of these incomparable specimens, which include the rarely seen "blue" coloration. Most fossilized mammoth tusks exhibit creams, tan and browns, but only occasionally does a specimen displaying "blue" color emerge from the prehistoric permafrost, indicating burial in a deposit containing the mineral vivianite. Offered on beautifully crafted stainless steel bases of contemporary design, which caress the curvature of the tusks while allowing the viewer to appreciate every angle and color pattern.
Roman Bronze Lion Head Roundel


Roman Bronze Lion Head Roundel, ca. 1st Century BC/AD
Cast circular handle plaque in raised relief, the lion with deeply incised flowing mane, fine facial details, protruding ears and open mouth which would have once held a ring. Beautiful olive green patina.
Dimensions: 6-1/8 inches (15.5cm) Diameter + custom mount.
Provenance: From an American private collection since the 1960s.
Manolo Valdes, Dama con Sombrero
Illuminated Manuscript Leaves - Saint Christopher, ca. 1485
Two late 15th-Century leaves on vellum, with miniature of St. Christopher Carrying Christ.
The first leaf contains, surrounded by a richly colored floral external border and a blue, red, and gold decorative internal border, a miniature of St. Christopher carrying the Christ child across a river. With blank verso.
Gigantic German Marine Reptile, 180 - 170 m.y.o.


Azurite Suns, Central Australia


Magnificent Fossil Sea Lily Plate, 180 - 170 m.y.o.
Oriano Galloni, Silent Soul, Essence of Autumn D5, 2013


Concentric Aragonite Pipe SET, 1906 - 1991


Suiseki or scholar's stone, ca. 1912 - 1926
Manolo Valdes - Dama con Sombrero, Edition 11/50


Carved Jaguar Kero, Peru, 900 - 200 BC, Chavin Culture


Raphael Mazzucco - Unknown Soldier, 2012
Etruscan Bronze Statue of Herakles & Lion Skin


Hironori Saku, Vase in an ovoid form, ca. 1960 - 1970


Kiowa Knife Sheath and Knife, ca. 1875 - 1880
Carved Marble Plaques, Italian, ca. 1670


Chinese Huanghuali Ladies' Snack Box, 18th C.


Kagami Kōzō, Blue glass crystal tea bowl, 1896 - 1985
Cheyenne Pipe Bag, circa 1880


Niccolo Machiavelli, Historie Fiorentine, 1532


Cheyenne Child's Tipi Backrest, ca. 1875
Antique Rainbow Yei Sandpainting Weaving


Minerva Fluorite created millions of years ago


Rare Fossilized Turtle, 51 million years old, Wyoming
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