Ohashi Suiseki - Pair of folding screens depicting two tigers
Ohashi Suiseki - Pair of folding screens depicting two tigers, Taisho Era, circa 1912 - 1926
Pair of paintings mounted as byobu or folding screens in two panels, depicting two tigers, one dozing lazily with its head on its paws and the other growling with upraised eyes at some exasperating bird. Signed on the lower-left corner of the left-hand screen by the artist: Suiseki, and sealed twice; the right-hand screen signed on the right-side above the dozing tiger's tail: Suiseki, and sealed twice (Ohashi Suiseki, the go or art name of Ohashi Uichiro, 1865 - 1945).
Gladstone Dinner Service


The Gladstone Dinner Service by Paul Storr, 19th Century
The service is comprised of 57 pieces in all, each crafted in the master's superb Neoclassical aesthetic. Two exquisite matching six-light candelabra are the set's signature pieces, boasting stunning acanthus decoration, engraved representations of the arms of Gladstone impaling Robertson, for Gladstone and his second wife, the Liver bird and the eloquent dedication inscription.
Egyptian Mummy Mask
Egyptian Wood Mummy Mask, 700-300 BC
An ancient Egyptian carved wooden mummy mask from a large sarcophagus, the face bearing a serene expression, with reddish flesh and a striped wig with a scarab on top.
Provenance: Formerly in the Thompson Family Collection, Cambridge, England, acquired in 1949
Dimensions: Height: 12 1/4 in. (31 cm)
Egyptian Head of Ptolomy, ca. 180-145 B.C.


Lulua tobacco mortar, Republic of Congo, 19th C.


Simon Procter - Portrait of Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey No. 7
Greek Campanian Red-Figure Beaked Oichonoe


Anonymous, Archery at Sanjusangendo, Edo period


Suzuki Osamu, Vase in an ovoid form, ca. 1948 - 1953
Edward H. Bohlin - Diamond, Gold and Sterling Buckle


Victorian Jockey Scale by W. & T. Avery, ca. 1890


Octagonal Silver Box & Cover Pandan, ca. 1700
Suplicante, Northern Argentina, 400 BC - 950 AD


Persian Room Size Carpet, Hadji Jallili Workshop, 1850


Kato Sogan, Hammered Iron Monkey, 1956
Suzuki Kinji, Plovers Flying over Waves, folding screen


Navajo Serape Blanket, Circa 1870s


Erotic French Postcards from the Hill Collection
Tourmaline, Anjanbonoina, Madagascar


Massive Mosasaurus Prognathodon Fossilized Skull


Harui Kōmin - Tea Caddy with Maple Leaves over the Tatsuta River
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