John Zinck - Birth record for William Kulb
John Zinck - Birth record for William Kulb, 1832
Union County, Pennsylvania 1832 - In a period painted frame. This birth record by John Zinck is a classic Pennsylvania-German fraktur of a unique type that is instantly recognizable for the design incorporating a formally-dressed couple flanking a block of text inscribed in English within a rectangular border, and painstaking and precisely drawn figures, flowers, and birds. This particular example, with its use of vibrant reds and blues ranks among the very best known examples of its kind.
Stone-Carved Wooden Presentation Box


Rare Stone-Carved Wooden Presentation Box, 1820 or earlier
Maori People, New Zealand. This highly unusual presentation or small treasure box comprises a humanoid or zoomorphic figure as the support for the box. The head emerges from the base of the box, and the lid or cover rests on the base almost carapace-like. Overall, this is a fine and very rare example of earlier Maori carving with a little-known form.
Silver Cream Jug by Paul Revere
Silver Cream Jug by Paul Revere, ca. 1783
This exceptional and extremely rare silver cream jug was crafted by renowned American patriot and preeminent silversmith Paul Revere. The beautifully crafted pitcher clearly exhibits Revere's tremendous versatility as a craftsman. The vase-like body is subtly adorned with applied beading, as well as the monogram MRH (for Moses' wife, Rachel Myers Hays) engraved in a bright-cut floral frame.
Spanish Colonial Santo Cristo or Corpus Christi


Tsimshian Seal Effigy Bowl, ca. 1860


Rio Magdalena Pottery Urn, ca. 800 - 1500, Colombia
Ancient Egyptian Wooden Box, 662 BC - 525 BC


Khmer Sandstone Temple Section, 11th C.


Shochikusai Tsukuru - oval tray with flying bats
Governor Axtell's Navajo Blanket, ca. 1870's


Helene Nez - Navajo Sandpainting Weaving, 2013


Historic 3rd Phase Navajo Chief Blanket, 1930 - 1940
Dragon Gazing at the Moon Chinese Scholars' Rock


Thangka Depicting the Amitabha, 18th C.


Paint-decorated blanket chest initialed M. F., 1830
Douglas Stewart - Marilyn, When, 2014


19th Century Chinese Erotic Pillow Book


The Newhailes Library Chairs, ca. 1755, England
Misty Morning - Japanese Byobu Screen, 18th C.


Cheyenne Saddle Bags, ca. 1880's


Kawabe Kado - Painting of a Spring Garden, 1926
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