Bert Stern - Marilyn Monroe, Series of 3
Bert Stern - Marilyn Monroe, Series of 3, 1962
Bert Stern Biographical Information:
1929 Born in Brooklyn, New York
1946-48 Assistant to Hershel Bramson, the art director for Look magazine
1949-51 Art director for Mayfair magazine
1954 Editor for Fashion and Travel magazine Opened his first studio in New York
1971-75 Lived in Spain
Three Phallic Figures


Three Phallic Figures, Manta Culture, Ecuador, 800AD - 1500 AD
Dimensions: 15" x 3.5" x 4" (largest)
A South American Counterpart to the great Cycladic figures of the ancient Aegean, this trio of Phallic figures represent the simplicity of the ancient Ecuadorian figurative tradition.
Silver Sculpture of a Goat
Unno Bisei - Silver Sculpture of a Goat, 1864 - 1919
Okimono or sculpture in the form of a seated yagi or goat. Of cast and cold chiseled silver, the eyes inlaid in shakudo and gold. Signed on the reverse with a chiseled signature by the artist: Bisei, and with a kakihan (Unno Bisei, the go or art name of Unno Yoshimori II, 1864 - 1919).
Robert Indiana
Robert Indiana - TIKVA, Edition VII/IX , 2009


Douglas Stewart - Mao, oil on canvas, 2014


Yellow Vessels
Peking Glass Chicken Fat Yellow Vessels, ca. 1750
Frank Lloyd Wright - Autograph Letter, 1953


Incised Glyph Celt, Mayan Culture, 250 - 900 AD


Albert Einstein - Typed Letter Signed, 1934
Seated Figure, Chinesco Culture , 300 BC - 300 AD


Gilt Lacquered Collector's Cabinet, China, ca. 1850


Indian Black Chlorite Stele of a Crowned Buddha, 9th C.
French Mielle Fleurs tapestry fragment, 16th C.


Laocoön Bronze Sculpture, 1775 - 1825


Navajo Ganado Rug, 1920 - 1930
Tsuishu Yozei XX, Carved Lacquer Rock & Wave Kogo


Iwashita Seicho - Lacquer tebako with thistles


Amamiya Seiken - Tiger suzuri or ink stone, 1934
Simon Procter - Lagerfeld in Times Square


Chinese Carved Stone Lion (Shizi), Ming ca. 17th C.


Bronze Group depicting Vishnu, 900 - 1100 AD
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