Nelson Nautical Porcelain Service by Derby
Lord Horatio Nelson's Personal Porcelain Service - A Landmark of British and Naval History
This exceptional Derby nautical porcelain dessert service was specially crafted for one of the most legendary men in British history, Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson, victor at the battle of Trafalgar. Commissioned by Alexander Davison, Esq., Lord Nelson's treasurer and closest advisor, the service was gifted to Nelson and Lady Hamilton for their home at Merton. Each piece boasts a unique, hand-painted shipping scene - an apt subject for the celebrated naval hero. The scenes were painted by George Robertson, an accomplished landscape and marine painter who joined the Derby factory in 1796. Absolutely extraordinary in both provenance and artistry, a porcelain service of this incredible importance is rarely seen on the market. Circa 1797-1800.
Nakamura Eiryu - Courtesan with a Fan


Nakamura Eiryu - Courtesan with a Fan, Edo period, 1615 - 1868
In a moment of relaxation, maybe awaiting the arrival of a client, an elegant courtesan sits leaning back with her left arm resting on a fancy red-lacquered table. In front of her is a set of books, perhaps more for show than for actual reading, held in a blue cotton wrapper with a gold paper label. Her dark gray outer summer kimono is dyed with a very discreet design of small spring or early-summer plants, with a single, deep blue-black cherry blossom visible at the left shoulder.
Sioux Tipi Bag
Sioux Tipi Bag, ca. 1880
Fantastic early tipi bag on buffalo hide. From the Nelson-Atkins Museum, and prior to that, part of the Fred Harvey collection which was acquired by Nelson-Atkins. With detailed quill work on the front, feathered cones, beadwork and yarn, this bag has the most detail of any we've seen. The top flap and edges are beaded. The bag has old collection tags on it, stating that it is a "Kiowa hunting bag", illustrating the erroneous identification that was common.
Byzantine Bronze Crucifix
Ancient Byzantine Bronze Crucifix, 8th - 11th c.


Germantown Weaving
Navajo Germantown Weaving, circa 1890


Official's Ivory Seal
Official's Ivory Seal, Thailand, 19th c.
Iizuka Shōkansai, Flower Basket Named Kyokkō


British Brass Mounted Strong Box, circa 1720


Early Doll with Baby, Quinalt, 1850
Peacocks by Blooming Cherry Tree Screen, 1925


Nicora Gangi, Intentional Design, 2014


Bamboo Grove and Fence, folding screen, 17th C.
Brouge Allegorical tapestry, 16th C.


Romar Bearden - "Jazz" collage


Coat of Arm Brussels tapestry, 16th C.
Gilt bronze beckoning cat with compass, Edo period


Tsuishu Yozei XX - Biwa incense tray, 1920


Tsuda Shinobu, sculpture of a modernist cat , 1939
Romance of the Three Kingdoms Book Form Vase


Ken Hamilton, Little Gypsy, 2014


The Lightning Bolt, 10 Inch Tall Gold Nugget
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