Nitten Sculpture of Rhinoceros
Tanaka Isamu - Nitten Sculpture of Rhinoceros
Okimono or sculpture in the form of a waiting rhinoceros. Of hammered, cold-chiseled and assembled iron. By Tanaka Isamu (born 1920 -). Showa 34 or 1959.
This rhinoceros pauses, an image of power resting in the sun. Tanaka hammered the sculpture from iron ingots. Rather than raise it in one piece, he chose to work in separate sections joined with repeating rivets. This focuses our attention on the material, the techniques and the artist's almost industrial aesthetic. With a paulownia wood storage box.
Vichit Nongnual - Red Princess


Vichit Nongnual - Red Princess, 2011
Vichit Nongnual is one of the younger generation of Thai artists who are gaining worldwide recognition. As a major work from his Ideal Woman series, "Red Princess" is one of his finest works from this period, from the same series as "Jade Girl" that was sold on Curator's Eye. The young woman is an ideal beauty for Vichit: traditional in so many ways, dressed like a Chinese princess, yet unmistakably Thai.
Wall Basket, Taisho Era
Tanabe Chikuunsai I - Kake-Hana Kago or wall basket, Taisho era, ca. 1918 - 1922
Kake-Hana Kago or wall basket with the silhouette of a moth with one folding wing. Woven of split, lightly smoked brown bamboo, stripped and stained bamboo, and split, stained rattan. Signed on the reverse on an inlaid signature plaque with an incised signature by the artist: Chikuunsai Kore wo Tsukuru or Made by Chikuunsai (Tanabe Chikuunsai I, 1877 - 1937).
faceted Kirin
Sakaida Kakiemon XII faceted Kirin, 1928 - 1940


88 Carat Opal Gem
Brilliant 88 Carat Opal Gem, Ethiopia


Model of Atisha, Tibet 15th C.
A Papier-mâché Model of Atisha, Tibet 15th C.
Ando - Enamel Seashore Vase, ca. 1975


Pitseolak Ashoona - Night Demons of Sky and Earth


Franklin House Platter, 18th C.
Ken Hamilton - Girl Who Loved Books, 2013


Fluorite, Hill Leadford Mine, Illinois


Zhao Kailin - The Girl with a Fan, 2014
Sumerian Serpentine Bull Amulet Seal, ca. 2500 B.C


Halite with Selenite, Germany


Egyptian Bronze Cat, ca. 600 B.C.
Stapleton Kearns (b. 1952) - Acadia Sunset


Elizabeth W. Leary - Letting out the Spirits


Jeff Aeling - Sunset on the Front Range , 2014
Jon Alan Marshall (b. 1964) - Maple


Kobayashi Shunsho - Pair of folding screens in six panels, ca. 1912 - 1926


Laura Eden (b. 1958) - Spring Unfolding
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