Zoltan Klie - A Dream in a Sylvan Landscape
Zoltan Klie - A Dream in a Sylvan Landscape, 1940s
Zoltán Klie (1897-1992) was born in Hungary. As a student at the Budapest Academy of Fine Arts, one of his teachers was the celebrated painter, Janos Vaszary. The paintings of Zoltán Klie are represented in the Hungarian National Gallery of Art in Budapest and in other public and private collections. In 2006, a book entitled Zoltaán Klie -- The Cosmic Painter, written by art historian, Anna Kopcsy, was published in Hungary by Tibor Zsitva.
Martin Rico y Ortega - A Summer's Afternoon, Venice


Martin Rico y Ortega - A Summer's Afternoon, Venice, 1833 - 1908
Martin Rico y Ortega was born on November 12, 1833 in Madrid during a time of prolonged civil strife in Spain. Perhaps because of this social upheaval, Rico y Ortega's career as a painter flourished outside of Spain, first in Paris and later in Venice. He was part of a generation of young artists who gravitated toward Paris at mid-century...
Maynard Dixon - Durham Herd
Maynard Dixon - Durham Herd, 1921
Maynard Dixon (1875-1946)
Medium/Materials: Oil on Canvas Panel; Provenance: Collected in the 1950s, and has been in the same family since then; Dimensions: 11 by 14 inches (27.94 by 35.56 centimeters); 15.75 by 18.75 inches framed; Location of Origin: North America
Edouard Cortes - Quai du Louvre
Edouard Cortes - Quai du Louvre, 1882 - 1969


Roman Marble Figure of Bacchus
Roman Marble Figure of Bacchus, 1st to 2nd C.


Seri Phuengporn - The Buddha, Ayutthaya (2015)
Seri Phuengporn - The Buddha, Ayutthaya, 2015
German Hexagonal Table Clock, ca. 1680


Navajo Second Phase Chiefs Blanket, 1890


Markey Robinson - Doves Flying Over a Field...
Dennis Ziemienski - Grand Canyon Pack Train, 2014


Maria Martinez and Popovi Da - San Ildefonso Plate


Apache Polychrome Olla, Arizona, USA, 1890
Sioux Beaded Possible Bag, 1890


Dramatic Sliced Tourmaline - 25 pieces


John Moyers - A Man of Means, 2013
Charles Henry Reynolds - Navajo Land, 1930 - 1940


Colonial Mexican Carved Wooden Stirrups, ca. 1775


Dennis Ziemienski - Desert Rider, 2014
Major 25-pound Quartz Specimen, Brazil


Gold Nugget, Belshazzer Mine, Boise Co., Idaho


Fluorite with Barite inclusions, Illinois
Zuni Heartline Deer Jar, New Mexico, USA, 1900


Fijian Vuasagale Human Tooth Necklace, 1840


Tang Dynasty Sancai Glazed Pottery Horse, 618 - 907
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