Moroccan Cedar Door
Moroccan Cedar Door, 16th-century
This incredible 16th-century cedar door and frame bears all the distinguishing characteristics of classic Moroccan architecture. The arched structure stands at over six-feet in height and is enveloped in intricate Berber foliate carvings along the architrave and jambs. The opening above the door is formed in a continuous ogee curve found in traditional North African-Arabic design. The double doors are reinforced by strapwork secured by iron nails, the heads of which add a decorative touch to this incredible architectural antique.
Chuah Thean Teng Painting


Chuah Thean Teng - "Full", ca. 1962
Chuah Thean Teng (Chinese, 1912 - 2008)
This is an early image from 1962. These early images are particularly rare and seldom appear in the open market. The last similar image from 1962 to be put up for auction was in Malaysia in 2014 where it achieved in excess of 20,000 USD.
A Chinese Carved Tourmaline Necklace
A Chinese Carved Tourmaline Necklace
A magnificent necklace featuring eleven Chinese carved tourmalines ranging in color from pink, to green, yellow, and blue, all mounted in 18 karat gold on an 18 karat gold chain. Each toggle carved on both sides with auspicious symbols, including peaches (longevity), bats (happiness), lingzhi (immortality), lotus flowers (purity), double gourds (blessings), various fruit, vegetables, and flowers, and even one with a monkey and peach design.
Hellenistic Bronze Horse Head
Hellenistic Bronze Horse Head Fulcrum Fragment


Fluorite on Fluorite
Fluorite on Fluorite, Minerva Mine No. 1, Illinois


Painted and Glazed Dignitary
Rare Painted and Glazed Dignitary, Tang Dynasty
Roman Gold Pendant, Head of Medusa - 1st C.


Kongo Power Figure, 1930 - 1940


Roman Mosaic of Eros - 2nd-3rd C.
Egyptian Bronze Seated Cat Goddess Bastet, 9th C. BC


Tony South - Ace, acrylic and oil on canvas, 2014


Egyptian Faience Votive Hedgehog, ca. 1963-1862 BC
Navajo Germantown Childs Blanket, ca. 1880


Alexey Brodovitch - Ballet, Oblong folio, 1945


Blackfoot artifact collection, ca. 1870
Buddha seated on Lotus Throne, Ca. 750 A.D. - China, Tang Dynasty


Mesopotamian Cuneiform Inscribed Clay Barrel Cylinder, ca. 2100-2000 B.C.


Egyptian Limestone Relief of a Priestess of Amon, 2500-2200 B.C.
Bold Multicolored Fluorite from Famous Location


Elemental Tree of Life Persian Bakshaish Room Size Rug, 19th C.


1983 Gibson Korina Flying V, Natural Korina finish


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