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Cheyenne Cradle and Doll, ca. 1880
American West, Arizona, Great Basin and Plateau
Rare Northern Cheyenne cradleboard with male doll, circa 1880. In classic Northern Cheyenne colors of white, blue and red, the cradle has dentalia drops with red white-heart pony beads. It retains what appear to be its original sticks. The doll inside has an early breastplate, which has a trade token from the MacQueen Hotel - this hotel burned down in 1888. It was located in Miles City, Montana. The doll has a calico shirt, wool trade cloth leggings, beaded moccasins with hard soles, and buffalo hair for hair.
Gregory Frank Harris - Summertime Along the Sea, 2014
The study of art and the history of art are closely intertwined in the work of Gregory Frank Harris, reflecting his exploration of technique and art history as well as the expression of his personal interests and values. For Harris, the processes of making art have been a lifelong fascination, from his childhood interest in sculpture and drawing to his ongoing investigation of old master technical innovations.
Calcite & Fluorite on Barite, Minerva Mine No. 1, Illinois
Description/Criteria Scale for Illinois Fluorites:
1 - Colors/Color Combinations = 10
2 - Luster = 7
3 - Aesthetics/Form = 10
4 - Transparency = 7
5 - WOW Factor! = 10
6 - Why this one is so special is It is the only example I found where the Fluorites were zoned so colorfully along with fine Calcites. This is one of the most aesthetic of all the Illinois pieces we have owned and may be totally unique.
Sioux Pipe Bowl
Circa 1860
Ute Boy's Shirt
Circa 1890
Robert Cruikshank
Trade Cross, 1780
Neolithic Alabaster Female Idol
New Ireland Malagan Figure
Gandharan Stucco Head of the Buddha
Conrad Schwiering
Bringin' 'Em In
Carved Cinnabar Lacquer Peach Box
Daniil Belov
Dian Culture bronze bell
206 BC - 220 AD
Navajo Germantown Childs Blanket
Hopi Pottery Jar by Nampeyo
Pre-columbian Maya White Stucco Head
Cayuse Mirror Bag
Circa 1880
Veracruz Figural Whistle
600-900 AD
Fetish Carvings by Teddy Weahkee
Tall Greek Apulian Red Figure Hydria
Elegant Aquamarine Gem Crystal
Roman Bronze Isis-Aphrodite Figure
Hendrik Hackl
Roman Marble Figure of a Nude Youth
1963 Gibson SG Les Paul Custom, White
Karadagh rug
Azerbaijan, ca. 1880
Comanche Leggings
Texas, ca. 1870
Engraved gem with gamboling boar
Gandhara Buddha Schist Relief
Shocking Yellow Sulfur
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