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Edward H. Bohlin
Parade Saddle
1930 - 1940
American West, Southern Cheyenne,Wyoming.
In excellent shape with all silver showing the Poppy pattern in sterling silver, and matching leather carved design. The set consists of a parade saddle, matching bridle, matching breastcollar, and Bohlin-marked "corona" blanket. The original matching poppy bit is on bridle. The suite was made for Mrs. CB Causey of Santa Paula, CA as indicated on back of cantle. All pieces are well-marked with "Bohlinmade" mark.
Yokuts Bottleneck rattlesnake basket with friendship motif
Mrs. Dick Francisco, 1890
Sedge root, brackenfern root, and redbud
This important basket was made by Mrs. Lasyeh (Dick) Francisco, a famous Koyete Yokuts weaver from Tule River. Known for her "friendship" baskets, this particular example is among the most figurative of the bottleneck form featuring 29 human figures in three rows, with three alternating rattlesnake bands.
Olaf Wieghorst
Bronc Rider, 1940
American West, California
Oil on canvas by well known artist Olaf Wieghorst, circa 1940. This is a beautifully rendered oil painting of a classic cowboy subject - the exploding bronc - in vibrant colors. Wieghorst (1899-1988) is considered a top American western painter. His lifelong relationship with, and love of horses is reflected in his work. Wieghorst served in the Cavalry during the days of Pancho Villa, and was a mounted policeman in New York before moving to California to take up his art full time. 10" x 14" in a larger gilt frame.
Shawn Huckins
Sunrise..., 2013
Hunt Slonem
Red Rover, 2014
John Hubbell's Navajo Pawn Concho Belt, 1910
Frank Dishta, Squash Blossom Necklace, 1930
Blackfoot Tipi
American West, 1900
A 140-Year Old Caucasian Lesghi Rug
Important Necessaire de Voyage, 1863
Karachov Kazak Rug
Caucasian, mid-19th C.
Claudia Peina
Zuni Maiden Fetish
Tecali Mask
Teotihuacan, Mexico
Calcite, Cumberland Mine Tennessee
Standing Horse
618 - 907 AD
Jade Spoon
Olmec, Mexico
Ancient Spearhead
Ca. 1000 B.C.
Cecil Miles
Navajo Woman
Herbert Taylor
Silver and Gold Bracelet
Relief of Eros and Nike
Roman, Marble
Italian Renaissance Style Punched Frame
Dioptase on Calcite
Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
Hadji Jallili Tabriz rug
Persian, ca. 1850
1969 Gibson Johnny Smith D, Blonde
1963 Gretsch Country Gentleman
1968 Rickenbacker 360
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