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Persian Kurdish Tribal Weaving, in Heavy Pile Condition, ca. 1875
An extraordinarily preserved, full pile example from the exuberant weaving tradition of the Persian Kurdish tribe, this 140-year-old rug is a remarkable expression of tribal folk art. A field pattern of diagonal stripes, sometimes interpreted as a stylistic evocation of a mountainside in bloom, here is a display of brilliant color combining. The rug's kaleidoscopic array of rare, deeply saturated hues includes leaf green, coral, goldenrod and saffron among a myriad of shades that are illuminated by the high cut wool from the group's herds.
Superb Hallstadt Bronze Situla, 1000 - 800 BC
From the Hallstadt area of influence that spanned from Western Gaul to central Europe just North of Greece, composed of Gallic and Celtic tribes, existing contemporary to the Greek Geometric Period, roughly ca. 1000 to 800 BCE. A large situla, from the Latin for bucket or pail, a term for a variety of elaborate bucket-shaped vessels from the Iron Age to the Middle Ages. Composed by hammering flat three pieces of bronze and riveting them together. Two looped handles are attached on either side, gently flared rim, and flat base.
Rich Emerald - Gem Quality, Crystal Beauty
Cosquez Mine, Colombia
Created millions of years ago. Colombian emeralds are the apex predator of emeralds and the entire family of beryl minerals. They just have a magical appeal perhaps due to the fact that everybody knows what emerald is and recognizes it on a shelf. Despite being worked for 400 years (and more), the mines of Colombia are still going. However, truly great specimens are few and far between, and only a handful come out each year - a fact.
Male Tao Tao Figure
Torajo Culture, 20th C.
Ceremonial Armor
Indo-Persion, 18th C.
Venus Tao Tao Figure
Torajo Culture, 20th C.
Helmet Mask with gbetu
Gola Peoples, Liberia
Head of a Buddha
China, 550 - 577 A.D.
Byzantine Tiara and Bracelet 4th - 5th C.
San Ildefonso Polychrome Dough Bowl
Persian Ferahan Rug
Early 19th C.
Temple Gold Ring
India, 18th-19th C.
Stanford White Frame
by Newcomb-Macklin
Apulian Bell Krater
Greek, 4th C. BCE
Leonardo Da Vinci
Treatise of Painting
1934 Gibson Jumbo
First Dreadnought Model
2003 Gibson Super 400
Thin Body
1962 Fender Stratocaster
Hendrik Hackl
Olearum VI
Ifa Divination Bowl
Yoruba People, Nigeria
Oscar Howe
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