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Set of Gold Regalia for a Statue, ca. 800 AD, Central Java, Indonesia
This extremely rare set of 38 gold ornaments appears to have been made for a statue, probably a wooden statue. Most probably, the statue was a Buddhist image, if not necessarily an image of the Buddha itself. Hinduism seems to have peacefully co-existed in Central Java at the same time and it cannot be ruled out that the ornaments were intended for a Hindu image but a Buddhist image is more likely given the motifs employed on the ornaments...
Oracle Figure Kafigeledjo, 1910-1940, Senufo Tribe, Ivory Coast
This figure is utilized in the context of ritual practices that are loosely translated as Kafigeledjo, or "tell the truth" or "saying true things". Through the shrouded form, the figure provides reference to spirits of the bush.
Provenance: Ex. Sotheby's, New York, Lot 63, November 2013, Ex. Private Collection Allan Stone, NY
Medium/Materials: wood, woven fiber, feathers, ritual accumulation, pigment, paint
Marcus Vitruvius Pollio - De Architectura libri Dece [The Ten Books on Architecture], 1521
First edition in a modern language and one of the finest illustrated books of the Italian renaissance. "The ten books of 'On Architecture' deal with principles of building in general, building materials, designs of theatres, temples and other public buildings, town and country houses, baths, interior decoration and wall paintings, clocks and dials, astronomy, mechanical and military engineering.
Incised Alaskan Pipe
Ivory, 1890 - 1910
Civil War Surgeon's Kit
American, ca. 1860
Terracotta Horse
China, 618-907 AD
Gold Bracelets with Diamonds & Rubies
George Washington's
Hair and Funerary Case
Chief's Gold Scorpion Ring, Baule, Ivory Coast
Mask of Maiden
Igbo, Nigeria
Chinese Ming Dynasty Head, ca. 1368 - 1644
Andrea Palladio - Four Books of Architecture
Filigree Cassolettes
Parcel-Gilt, ca. 1770
Sir William Russell Flint
The Book of Sonnets
Rare Sewar Dagger
Indonesia, 19th C.
Statue of Kuan Yin
Ming Dynasty, 17th C.
Guy Carleton Wiggins
The Library, Winter
Srivijaya Style Bodhisattva, 19th C.
The Postman
Egyptian Blue Faience
ca. 1250 - 1230 BC
Antique Cassetta Frame
18th C.
Chalcocite with Chalcopyrite & Djurleite
Ohaitu Ashoona
Inuit Serpentine Bear
Pairoj Karndee
Winter's call (2014)
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