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Incredibly Fine Greek Beoetian Aryballos
Ca. 560 BC
Among one of the finest arybaloi we have ever had the pleasure of handling! According to Professor Michael Padgett, Princeton University, Manufactured in Boeotia, northeast of the Gulf of Corinth, but attributed to an Attic painter that emigrated north from Athens. Two sphinx confront each other, the face of each in a wonderful archaic style, paws extended, wings outstretched above their arching backs, tails curled behind, large rosette behind each with additional circular designs in the field.
Superb Otherworldly Wife Figure blolo bla
Ca. 1900, Baule Tribe, Ivory Coast
As this beautifully crafted standing female figure illustrates, Baule figures can be among the most elegant and carefully designed pieces in Africa. This piece, carved from a single piece of wood, shows an introverted but slightly expressive face and extremely detailed body features. It embodies a dignity of form and grace, and a provocative hand position which frames the protruding belly button.
Chased & Engraved Silver Coffee Pot
Ca. 1890, Madras, India
This very fine silver coffee pot has a pleasing, slightly-tapering cylindrical body that is repoussed, chased and engraved with eight central panels of stylised Hindu gods on their mounts (vahana) between wide borders of more god-type figures amid vegetal and floral scrolls. The slightly domed, hinged lid is similarly decorated and surmounted by a solid silver cast figure of a seated god with four arms. The dramatic handle is formed as an 'S'-shaped scroll engraved with a repeated jasmine-bud motif.
John William Godward
A Signal
Sarah Brayer
Journey to the Sea...
Gustav Klimt
Portrait of Sonia Knips
Gold Filigree Tweezers-Pendant, Peru
Pair of Male/Female Twins Ibeji, Nigeria
Mango Necklace
Gilded Silver, ca. 1860
Malachite on Shattuckite with Quartz
Fossil Fish Sculpture
50 m.y.o. - Wyoming
Kay Walkingstick
No. 76
Opal (variety hyalite)
Zacatecas, Mexico
Fanny Palmer
American Express Train
Fluorite with Quartz
Hunan, China
Roman Marble Statuette of Fortuna, 1st-2nd C.
Gilt Frame by Stanford White, 1885
Anne-Marie Kornachuk
Weightless: Bloom III
Thracian prayer kilim
Macedonia, ca. 1880
Antique Baroque Carved and Gilt Frame, 17th C.
Batik headcloth
Late 19th C., Java
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