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A Magnificent Rare Haida Spruce-Root Hat, 1900 - 1915
This is an exceptionally finely woven Haida spruce-root hat, painted in red, black and blue with a large bird, presumably an eagle or a raven. The head is at the front brim, the tail feathers are fanned dramatically at the rear brim, and the sides depict the wings. The crown of the hat is woven in a very tight plain weave, but the brim has elaborate zigzag patterns woven in. This hat is in pristine condition.
Madonna with Child Enthroned by Giovanni dal Ponte (di Marco), Circa 1420-1425
In this composition, the Madonna and Child are locked in tender embrace with one another, flanked by Saint Anthony Abbot on the left (identified by the small pig that sits dutifully at his feet) and Saint James Major on the right (holding the attributes of a book and a pilgrim's staff). Giovanni dal Ponte arranged the composition of these four central figures carefully to convey a sense of recession into space.
Fluorite on Calcite
There are only a few Shangbao Fluorites that are worthy of position #1, this one is surely in the running. It is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful Fluorites from anywhere. It has a single huge Fluorite crystal at the top of a large Calcite matrix. The Fluorite is the classic Shangbao stepped mixture of octahedron and cubic shapes, it is really akin to an octahedron that seemingly never came to a point. I have totally given up trying to get the colors true on these Fluorites. There is something about the fluorescence in Fluorite that fools the camera.
Olly & Suzi
Sulfur on Aragonite
Agrigento, Italy
Cartonnage Pectoral
Egypt, ca. 600 B.C.
Louise Camille Fenne
Girl in Fedora
Tourmaline with Smoky Quartz and Lepidolite
Suzy Schultz
Abraham Anghik Ruben
Wind Spirit
Italian Over/Under Presentation Pistols
English Noblemen Seats
Pre-Columbian Dish
Ca. 600-800 AD
Kazak rug
Caucasus, ca. 1880
Celestial & Terrestrial Globes by Newton & Son
A triptych of fossil fish
N. America, 50 m.y.o.
R. Boonyavanishkul
Golden Robe
Pteranodon longiceps
N. America, 83 m.y.o.
Gold on Quartz
Nevada, USA
Giant Fossil Gar
N. America, 50 m.y.o.
Fighting Shield, Papua New Guinea
Ferdinand Loyen du Puigaudeau - Voiliers...
Standing Mandalay Nat Spirit, Burma, 20th C.
Sergio Roffo
A Winter's Glow
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