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Maynard Dixon -
Joaquin Murietta, 1903
Original Illustration for San Francisco Examiner. Framed size is 22 by 31 inches. This was the famous Mexican Joaquin Murietta, a revolutionary, that the book "Zorro" was based on. Published in "The Art of Maynard Dixon" by Donald Hagerty, copyright 2010, page 23. Published in New Mexico Magazine, January 2011, page 23 in an article titled "Dead Set: Deceased artists spell big bucks - or big bargains - on the secondary market" by Wolf Schneider. Published in "The Art of the Saltillo" catalog, 2014.
Rhodochrosite on Manganite -
N'Chwaning 1 Mine, N. Cape Prov., S. Africa
The Rhodochrosite that dreams are made of. The crystals of Rhodochrosite on this piece have the rare wheat sheaf form which is specific to South African Rhodochrosites. The color is the most luscious cherry red, the crystals are gemmy, glassy and glow with an intensity that is only seen in Rhodochrosite. African Rhodo's are and always have been one of the Holy Grails of mineral collecting.
A Greek Terracotta Head of Aphrodite
399 BC - 300 BC
This beautifully modeling terracotta head still preserved some of its original pigment: below the crown on the far right side, and on the curly locks on the left, there are remains of the once bright red paint. The face, framed with curls, has a prominent nose, full lips, rounded cheeks, and heavy eyelids. The headdress is comprised of rows of leaves topped with a great palmette; there is a large fragmentary flower at the junction of the lower part of the headdress and the palmette, which may have been a type of pansy.
Roman Marble Torso Of Silenus, 0 - 200 AD
Framed Napoleonic Government Documents
English Perfume and Snuff Bottle, ca. 1820
Mosasaur - Tylosaurus proriger, Cretaceous
Still Life on Tole
England, ca. 1800-1810
Platycrinites saffordi
Mississippian 350 m.y.o.
Regency Convex Mirror
Ca. 1810-1820
Museum-Grade Roman Bronze Oil Lamp
Celtic Bronze Axe Heads
France, Ca. 600 BC
Dancing Mandalay Nat Spirit, Burma 20th C.
Mandalay Sacred Scroll Protector, Burma 19th C.
Mandalay Buddha
Burma 19th C.
Mariella Bisson
Falls for Winslow Homer
Teotihuacan Death Mask
Pre-columbian, Mexico
Simao (Tse Mao) Huang
Edge of Reason
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