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Louisa McElwain
Anvil, 1994
Louisa McElwain (1953-2013, American) large sky painting. This is a large example of Louisa's work with her trademark large sky. Louisa's paintings have been recently featured on the cover of "The Santa Fean" and "Southwest Art" and in the collection of Phoenix and Denver Art Museums.
Dimensions: 60 by 60 ins (152.4 by 152.4 cm)
Medium/Materials: Oil on Canvas
Location of Origin: North America
George II Mahogany tray with carved "Pie-crust" edge, ca. 1750-1760
Of particular rarity and note is that this tray has never been mounted onto a base. Often they are "married" to a tripod base and thus disappear. A surviving tray such as this, both period and large, is most rare.
Dimensions: Diameter - 22.5 inches (57 cm)
Medium/Materials: Mahogany
Location of Origin: England
Murdie Nampijinpa Morris - Malikijarra Jukurrpa, 2014
Malikijarra Jukurrpa is the Aboriginal name for an important dreaming: Two Dogs Dreaming, a "dreaming" that belongs to the Jangala, Nangala, Jampijinpa and Nampijinpa skin groups (families).
The painting depicts the wanderings of the two dogs, Jampijinpa and Napangardi, as they walked along a dry creek through the desert to Yarikurlangu, an ancient site. They are portrayed by their skeletons (now seen as represented in the hills surrounding Yarikurlangu).
Etruscan Bronze Chalice
Italy, ca. 5th C. BCE
Huge Textile Panel
Inca, ca. 1200 - 1400 CE
Bronze Pan Figure
Roman, ca. 0 - 200 CE
Zapotec Seated God Figural Urn
UK, ca. 1824
Simao (Tse Mao) Huang
Edge of Reason
Northwest Coast Tlinget Bird Effigy Amulet
Beaded Vest
Sioux, 1885
Dicranurus hamatus elegantus
Dale Ratcliff
Monhegan Sunrise
Polychrome Ritual Vessel, Maya
Vessantara Jataka Scroll
Thailand, ca. 1943
Gendje long rug
Caucasus, ca. 1880
Kozak rug
Anatolia, ca. 1880
Zeikhour rug
Caucasus, ca. 1880
Burmese Royal Female Figure
Egyptian Gilt
Cartonnage Mask
Chinesco Trio
Mexico, Pre-columbian
Embroidered Saddle Cloth (Hsi-hni), ca. 1850
Jon Alan Marshall
Embroidered Sufi Cloak
Egypt, 19th C.
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