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Xiphactinus audax
"Gigantic fish skull"
Gigantic fish skull (profile), and post cranial bones from an extinct predatory fish.
Age: Cretaceous (83 million years old)
Formation: Niobrara Formation, Smoky Hill
Chalk Location: Gove County, Kansas, USA
This is an exciting and striking display fossil of the largest bony fish species (except sharks) that ever roamed the Cretaceous seaway! Specimen has mounting hardware installed on the back side and is 100% ready for a wall mount.
Richard Prince Original Work on Paper (untitled)
Signed "R P 1999" at lower center.
Text on drawing "I won't say what she does for a living but they threw her out of one hotel cause she didn't have a permit for a parade."
Head of a young man is central to composition. Cartoonish stick figures are depicted on either side of the head and above his head.
Provenance: Purchased from the Gagosian Gallery. Paper labels affixed on verso reference Barbara Gladstone Gallery as well as the Jablonka Galerie in Köln, Germany.
Paul Stone
American, born 1938
"Dancers at Dusk"
Medium/Materials: oil on canvas
Dimensions: 36" x 42"
Alternating between vibrant color and muted, tonal images, Paul Stone creates paintings that are as much about the sense of a place as they are about specific locations. His powerful brushwork and diverse pallette, give his work a hauntingly familiar feel.
Charles Movalli
Portland Harbor, Maine
Horse and Rider Mannequin, ca. 1880
Ray Morimura
Senso-ji Kaminarimon
Fossil Turtle
Wyoming, USA, 50 m.y.o.
Figurative Basket
Yavapai Indian, ca. 1900
Fossil Palm Frond
Wyoming, USA, 50 m.y.o.
Embroidered Jacket
Kauer People, ca. 1900
Kazak Rug
Caucasus, ca. 1880
Polynesian Neckrest
Tonga, Late 19th C.
William Herbert Dunton
The Glance
Pairoj Karndee
Angel of the Evening
Fringed Mantle
Proto-Nasca, Peru
Navajo Blanket
Churro Wool, 1890s
Dennis Westerling
Near Ojai
Billy Schenck
Late Rain on the Mesa
Akstafa Prayer Rug
Caucasus, ca. 1870
Howard Post
Three Natives
Sewan Kazak
Caucasus, ca. 1880
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