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Greek Bronze Helmet
Ca. 6th century B.C. Illyrian, Eastern Europe
With protective cheek extensions and curving neck guard, decorated with two prominent over crown, two horizontal ribs across the brow, the border with similar moulding and studs around the edge. Nice green patina. Professionally cleaned. Display stand included.

Provenance: British private collection, Previously collection of Mr. Axel Guttmann, Berlin, Germany.
Exceptional Stingray and Fish Mural, 50 m.y.o.
This beautiful Stingray and fish composition is truly a rare find. The stingray Heliobatis radians provides remarkable detail, from the very fine disc and fin bones to the deadly tail barb. The four fossil fish that surround it (Knightia eocaena), are also exceptional in preservation and composition. Quarried from a rare limestone found in the famous 18" layer of the Green River Formation. The stone "Mosaic Lake I" appears in only a few regions in the formation and is known for its unique tan and grey color, delicate texture, and exceptional fossil preservation.
Pair of Dueling Pistols by Chalet & Gonon, in case
Circa 1860, France
The exceptional cased pair of 45 caliber dueling and target pistols by Chalet and Gonon calls to mind the era of gentlemanly disputes. As beautiful as they are deadly, these percussion cap pistols are superbly crafted with adjustable rear sights, an unusual feature during this period. Octagonal rifled barrels measuring 10 1/2 inches are held within beautifully carved ebony half stocks, which are adorned with an oak leaf motif. Fluted grips are capped with pewter plates, and the locks, hammers, trigger guards and trigger plates boast engraved spiraling vine decorations.
Gold Snake Finger Ring
Roman, ca. 1st-2nd C.
Dance Mask
20th C. PNG
Electrum Gold Ring
Viking, ca. 10th C.
Renaissance Wall Clock
German, ca. 1580
Embroidered Jacket
Circa 1900
Windmill Clock
French, ca. 1820
Eagle Kazak
Caucasus, ca. 1890
Pairoj Karndee
Dawn's awakening
Qashqai kilim
Persian, ca. 1890
Constantine Westchiloff
The Village of Dinan
Suspension Hook
Iantmul people, PNG
Henry Martin Gasser
The Red Fishing Shack
Ceremonial Vase
Chavin, Peru
Drum with Figure
Asante, Ghana
Karabagh rug
Caucasus, ca. 1880
Khula Khud Helmet
Charles Appel
Sunset Landscape
Alaskan Walrus Tusk
Cribbage Board, ivory
Plate Decorated With Snakes, Inca, Peru
Beaded Moccasins
Blackfoot, ca. 1890s
Decorated Plate
Maya, Mexico
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