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Censer, Maya
Chiapas - Mexico
500 AD - 900 AD
Censer composed of a central cylindrical tube decorated with anthropo- and zoomorphic figures, and framed by two lateral wings adorned according to the pelletizing technique. The main motif is composed of a central anthropomorphic mask depicting one of the aspects of the solar god, "K'inich Ajaw", at the time of his nocturnal journey to the underworld. The open mouth shows two lower canines and the tip of the tongue. The beard is partly destroyed. The eyes are large and emphasized by a thin fringe...
Sioux Beaded
Doctor's Bag
Late 19th century
Provenance: Acquired from a private collection.
Doctors were important to the Native reservations around the turn of the century. This bag was most likely done as a special order. It is fully beaded and is in excellent condition. This was more than likely used with the Sioux people. It is a very rare and unusual item.
Maori Canoe Bailer, North Island, New Zealand
Early 19th Century
Tiheru, canoe bailer, oval in form with a large Tiki head covered in spiral and triangular tattoos dominating the top, from which the handle sprouts, Tiki heads at both ends. The interior is smooth and worn, with a ridge separating it into two subtle sections which helps control water movement during bailing. The patina of the main carved face is superb - dark and brilliant. This handle has been restored; on Christie's catalogue "la poignee remplacee".
Pottery Askos
Ca. 350 to 325 BC
Processional Barbuta
Venetian, 17th/18th C.
Zia Polychrome Olla
N. America, ca. 1910
Edna Boies Hopkins
White Flowers
Yoshikatsu Tamekane
A Dreaming Leaf
Gertrude Nason
Apron, Sihuas Culture
100 BC - 300 BC
Maynard Dixon
Nude No. 5
Navajo Pictorial Rug, YeiBiChai Dancers...
Charles Fritz
Approaching Medicine River
John Moyers
Prize from the South
Northern Plains Beaded Leggings
Kain Lawon (Women's Shawl) 70 inches
Silver Body Coverings
Southern India, 19th C.
Mantle with Figures
Peru, Chimu Culture
Ritual Pair
Chamba Tribe, Nigeria
Igor Larionov
Cathedral Reflections
Feline Mortar
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