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Ed Mell
Men of the Desert
Born in 1942, Ed Mell spent an idyllic childhood in what was then the small western city of Phoenix. He attended Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, and soon after graduation accepted a position in New York as an art director for a large advertising agency.
Seeking greater artistic freedom,he opened an illustration studio and met with immediate success, establishing his national reputation. Still, Mell felt that he hadn't yet found his voice as an artist ...
Pietre Dure Casket
Circa 1840
This rare and extraordinary pietre dure casket exemplifies the very best of the best in both 17th-century and 19th-century workmanship. Utilizing original period Florentine pietre dure plaques, the 17th-century pastoral scenes and plaques of semi-precious stones are mounted into this exceptional 19th-century ebonized casket with intricately hand-engraved doré bronze mounts. Without question, the materials used in this casket are the greatest that money could buy.
Deep Blue Ancestral Lapis Mask, Alamito Culture - Argentina
400BC - 950AD
Alamito artifacts are fairly rare amongst Pre-Columbian antiquities but rarer still are the handful of the stunning Lapis Lazuli Masks that have been discovered. They employ traditional stylistic Alamito motifs - including circular holes for eyes and mouth, with prominent protruding nose and brow - however, these blue masks are carved from semi-precious Lapis Lazuli, making them highly sought after by collectors.
Karl Everton Moon
Gray Hawk Taos
Tiffany Chrysanthemum Flatware Service
Logan Maxwell Hagege
Yazzie's Path
Roman Bronze Arm
Ca. 1st-2nd C.
Turquoise Ibis Amulet
Egyptian, 688-343 BC
Mask of a Dignitary,
Olmec Culture, Mexico
Gold Filigree Bow Cross Pendant, 17th-18th C.
Heroic Steed
Han Dynasty, China
Gold Necklace
Calima Culture
All-Steel Stirrups
Persian, ca. 1780
102-Gun Bone Model
Napoleonic POW
Poleyn Plate
German, 1560s
Alain Bellanger
Touraine, Etc.
Illuminated Manuscript
The Crucifixion
John Devaney
India Street
Santana and Adam Martinez, Avanyu Plate
Germantown Blanket
Navajo, ca. 1890
Apache Geometric and Figurative Olla
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