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Stylistically Dynamic Zoomorphic Mask "Suruku", 1890 - 1920
Bamana Tribe, Mali
This mask is one of the more finely carved masks of its type and possesses a very bold presence; it is heavily saturated with oils, well-beyond what one typically observes in this type of mask. The carving lines are exceptionally geometric and pronounced, creating a work that can stand alongside the most innovative fine art painting or sculpture.
A Japanese Do, Late Edo Period, 19th Century
Of four iron plates hinged together, the main plate embossed with the Buddhist deity Fudo Myoo or 'immovable one', his sword is made of silver and necklace and eyes of gold, and the plate is signed 'Nobuie Saku'. The remaining plates are lacquered and decorated with the Kamon of the Tsuwano family, who were a Daimyo family from the province of Iwami. The Daimyo were the powerful territorial lords in pre-modern Japan who ruled most of the country from their vast, hereditary land holdings
120-Gun Bone Model
Napoleonic Prisoner-of-War, 1793 - 1815
The well-proportioned miniature model is constructed in the traditional format with a wood core and then is planked-over with bone. Thick wale and gunport strakes are bone with an ebonized finish. The deck planking as well as the hull is all pin fastened. It has solid bone masts with the lower masts showing ebonized bone 'fish' or strengthening braces on the fore side of the main & fore, with woolding bands, bone spars and baleen stun'sail yards, as well as bone blocks of various sizes.
Optical Stepped Cushma
Peru, ca. 500 A.D.
Claude Monet
Frank Lloyd Wright
The Disappearing City
Ottoman Kard
19th Century
English Percussion Pocket Pistols, ca. 1840
Tibetan Bridle
17th-18th Century
Zuni Storage Jar
N. America, ca. 1880
Maiden Mask
Punu Tribe, Gabon
Makara-shaped Magar Kundal Earrings
Egyptian Diorite Granite Kohl Jar
William E. Hitchcock
Laguna Polychrome Olla
N. America, ca. 1875
Doug Brega
Hulbert Ave
Timothy W. Jahn
Silver Lining
Cindy House
Marsh at High Tide
J. Olaf Olson
Spanish Fishing Boats...
Powerful Nail Fetish Figure Nkishi
Schooner Yacht Ship Model
Silver Tea Set
India, ca. 1880
Hemingway / Shaw
The Young Lions
Silver Throne for a Deity
Nepal, 18th C.
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