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Claude Monet - L'Enfant a la tasse, portrait de Jean Monet, 1868
Claude Monet captures the bond between father and son in the eyes of his first born, Jean, in this important painting entitled L'Enfant a la tasse, portrait de Jean Monet (Infant with a cup, portrait of Jean Monet). Jean became one of Monet's favorite subjects to paint and remained so throughout his prestigious career. But it is the early portraits that are some of the most revealing, as they reflect the power of a son's love to warm the spirit of a struggling father, even one as iconic as Monet.
Edward Ladell - Still Life
1821 - 1886
On a wood shelf, a half-filled wine goblet, with two whole and a half shelled walnut in front, to the right are black grapes with foliage, and along the front of the shelf red currants and a partly-peeled lemon.
Lewis, Frank, Edward Ladell 1821 - 1886 F. Lewis, Publishers, Ltd., Leigh-on-Sea, England, 1976, page 78, Illustrated.
M. Newman Ltd., London; Arthur Holmes, c. 1976
Sol Wilson - Portrait
1920 - 1930
Sol Wilson was born in Poland in 1893. His father was a lithographer and it was in his shop that Sol got his first exposure to making art as he observed the workmen create designs for bottle labels and other things. His first experience at painting was to copy from old books and to duplicate the designs of the workmen. By the age of 15, he sold the contents of his studio and sailed to America. He studied at night at Cooper Union and later at the National Academy and the Ferrer School with Bellows and Robert Henri.
Boutet de Monvel
Portrait of a Young Girl
Necklace with Uraeus Pendant, 1st C. BC
Glazed Royal Shabti
Egyptian, 1069 - 945 BC
Santo Domingo Dough Bowl, ca. 1890
John James Audubon
Stanley Hawk
Zuni Pottery Polychrome Olla, ca. 1880
Pueblo Blanket
ca. 1880s
Transitional Blanket, 19th C.
Navajo Late Classic Blanket, ca. 1870
Mary Mullineux
Bactrian Alabaster Chalice, 3rd/2nd Mill BC
Elizabeth Strazzulla
Les Contes...
Chinese Zitan Ruyi Scepter, 18th C.
Backgammon Board
Portuguese, ca. 1760
Baroque style Spanish frame, 19th C.
Navajo Transitional Weaving, 1880 - 1885
Edgar Soberón
The Gift, 2011
Navajo Pictorial Rug
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