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Acoma 4-Color Water Jar with Birds, Circa 1890's
This is a beautiful old jar with vivid color and a warm well handled and used surface. In addition to the 4 birds, there are rainbow bands, heart-shaped flowers, bisected leaves and berries. Coloring varies (adding a 5th brown color), a natural and welcome outcome of the outdoor natural firing process. The jar also leans a bit, adding a warmth from a time when such an "imperfections" did not detract from a pueblo view of beauty. Our modern exacting standards have led, for example, to the virtual rarity of traditional firing and harsh judgement of modern pottery that is not perfectly symmetrical and finely detailed.
Frederick Morgan - A Flood, Painted in 1897
Immediately powerful and dramatic, this incredible painting, entitled A Flood was created by one of Britian's greatest genre artists, Frederick Morgan. Domestic subjects of family and children were highly desired in the Victorian era. Morgan's sensibilities towards these subjects was uncanny. With an unmatched technical prowess for expressing emotion, each brushstroke in this painting culminates into a masterful compostion of unconditional love overcomming the perils of nature.
Silver Filigree Perfume Box Set & Tray
17th-18th century
Batavia made for the Indian Market, or India.
The set is almost identical to a celebrated example in the British Museum (BM) displayed in the Addis Gallery of Islamic Art. The BM's example is believed to have been seized by the British from Tipu Sultan's palace at Seringapatam in 1799 - a set that hitherto has been considered unique. The tray that accompanies the set here clearly is contemporary with the casket and was made for it, suggesting the BM's example is incomplete.
Montague Dawson
The Lightning, 20th C.
Kelley Vandiver (b.1961) Rooster of G-d
Sally Swatland (b.1946)
Navajo Moki Rug, Hubbell Trading Post, 1900
Navajo Pictorial Rug, Hopi Kachina Maiden, 1920s
Navajo Rug, Teec Nos Pos Trading Post, 1930s
Polychrome Large Jar
Acoma, Ca. 1910
Small Pazuzu Head
Mesopotamia, 650 BC
Polychrome Storage Jar
Cochiti, Ca. 1880's
Gold and Bead Necklace
Sinu, Pre-Columbian
Leni Riefenstahl
Beauty in the Olympic...
Hematite Intaglio
Early Byzantine
Painted Firkin
Pine/Ash, 19th C.
Jade Ruyi Scepter
Qianlong Period
Paint Decorated Box
Maple/Pine, Ca. 1840
Depth Charge Table
Bomb Base, 20th C.
MC Escher - Retreat
Woodblock Signed
Solid Gold Hands
Ruby & Emerald Inset
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