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Egyptian Revival Micromosaic and Gold Necklace, 19th Century
This stunning Victorian Egyptian Revival necklace, comprised of 21 individual micromosaic pendants, is a wonder of meticulous craftsmanship and intricate beauty. Crafted of sumptuous yellow gold, the necklace exhibits a magnificent inlaid Egyptian motif of exceptional detail and artistry. Micromosaic jewelry reached the height of fashion during the 19th century, when affluent Europeans making their Grand Tour throughout the continent brought these pieces back as souvenirs of their journey.
Early double Portrait of Brother and Sister with Family Dog
Ca. 1740-1760
Of great wealth, the young boy is magnificently dressed in silk with white wig and buckle shoes, with what appears to be a tricorn hat tucked under his arm. He cradles the hand of his little sister, attired in a full length gown and bonnet, who pats the head of their pet dog. Forest and hills are visible over their shoulders, likely land owned by their parents. Housed in a painted period frame, lined long ago and held by a sophisticated cross stretcher.
An Important Early Roman Silver Skyphos
1st C. BC to 1st C. AD
An Important Early Roman Silver Skyphos with winged Erotes in Dionysiac Revelry with torches, wine vessels and dogs. With traces of original gilding.
Minor losses, no repair or restoration
ex: European private collection, 1960's
3-5/8 inches (9.2 cm) ht., 6-5/8 inches (16.8 cm) w.
Gilded Copper
Snuff Box, 18th C.
Viking Double Plaited Gold Ring, 9th-11th C.
Gold Filigree Hairpins
Qing Dynasty, 18th C.
Philip Buller
Serious Play
Cycladic Marble Idol of a Pregnant Female
Imari Porcelain Urns
Japanese, ca. 1860
Steve Smulka
Splashed Glass Cups
Early Roman
William R Davis
Cruising off Boston...
Rooster Weathervane
Ca. 19th century
Antefix of a Goddess
Terracotta, Etruscan
Roman Gold Ring of Serapis
Portrait of a Young Lady
Attr. to George Hartwell
Luristan Disk Pommel Bronze Sword
Colima Pottery Pair of Hunchback Shamans
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