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Salvador Dali
Blood of Christ
Ca. 1971 - 1972
This Dali masterpiece has been described as visually and technically the most complex painting created by Salvador Dali from this period, containing multi-layered religious, historic, transcendent, realistic, abstract and surreal themes. This piece includes the original frame made by Dali specifically for this work of art. In this compelling Masterpiece, Dali intentionally and powerfully challenges the intellect, spirituality, emotions and perceptions of the viewer.
Ancient Scythian Gold Diadem Elements (2)
Ca. 2nd Century BC
This is from an important Maotic-Scythian hoard, purportedly found near the Black Sea. A rounded a very fine belt tongue decorated with tiny granular balls and four garnet or carnelian embedments; a central medallion with ovular carnelian stone embedment and thick granulated border; Lovely.

Ex. Taisei Gallery Collection auction, Nov. 1992, NYC. Lot #167
Gold Pendant with Agate Cabochon
Art Nouveau style
American, 20th C.
Japanese Temple Bell
Bronze, 19th C.
Roman Salvatore
Rosa-style, 18th C.
Transitional Sampler Navajo Weaving
Italian cassetta
frame, 16th C.
Gustave Courbet
Vague se Brisante
Pairoj Karndee
Thai Beauty
Onelio Marrero
Special Concoction
Pamela Pindell
Natalia II
Shango Dance Wand
Ca. 20th Century
Carved Wooden & Polychrome Figures
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