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Jan Jacob Spohler
A Summer Landscape
1811 - 1879
Jan Jacob Spohler was born in Nederhorst a-la Montagne, Holland on November 7, 1811. He was a painter of genre scenes and landscapes. He studied under J.W. Pieneman at the Amsterdam Academy of Fine Arts, and devoted his life to the portrayal of the Dutch landscape. Spohler painted during the height of the Dutch Romantic movement, emulating and following in the footsteps of the great master, Andreas Schelfhout. Like Schelfhout, Spohler was comfortable painting both winter and summer landscapes, capturing the atmosphere of both with equal skill.
John James Audubon
The Birds of America
1971 - 1972
The Audubon Amsterdam Edition (1971-72), represents the first full size printed edition of Audubon's The Birds of America (1826-1838) since its original printing in the mid-19th Century. It reproduces all 435 of Audubon's original plates on double-elephant folio size paper.

The Amsterdam Edition was limited to 250 copies and it is estimated that of those 250 sets, only 50-75 were bound.
Portraits of a Maine Couple
Attr. to John Brewster Jr.
1800 - 1830
Dr. James and Lavinia Hall, South Freeport, Maine, ca. early 19th century. Attributed to John Brewster Jr. (1766-1854).

Dr. Hall painted half-length, in black coat with white vest and tie. Lavinia Hall also half-length, with bonnet and lace collar. Set within superb period black painted frames with decorated corners.....
Alexander Zimulin
Yards from Moscow
Karuna Panumes
Nicora Gangi
Graceful Aureole
George Ames Aldrich
Brittany Stream...
American 20th C.
Carved Frame
Daniel Sherrin
October Days
Denise La Rue Mahlke
Good Pastures
German A. Tatarinov
Winter Stream
Denise La Rue Mahlke
Rock Rhythms
Simao Huang
Edge of Reason...
Buddha Head
Ayutthaya Kingdom
Leon Brunin
A Collector
Inlaid Garnet and Ruby Armlet / Bracelet
Japanese Cabinet
Tapered Beaker
Gold & Garnet
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