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Japanese Exhibition
Ivory Eagle, ca. 1875
This incredible Japanese ivory eagle sculpture was almost certainly created for the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition celebrating America's first century. With a wingspan of nearly three feet wide, this majestic predator displays the depth and richness found only in the finest Japanese carved ivory masterpieces. Descended through generations of a prominent Philadelphia family and purchased directly from the Japanese exhibitor at the end of the fair, this unique sculpture is the absolute finest Meiji-period work of art we have ever had the pleasure to offer.
A Superb Bella Coola Carpenter Mask, late 19th Century
Bella Coola, Northwest Coast, Canada
This mask depicts one of the four carpenters who, according to Bella Coola legend, created the world and all its beings. The four supernatural brothers were created at the beginning of time by the supreme spirit, Ahlkuntam, and given the task of ordering the world. These and other supernatural beings were honored in the Nuxalk Winter Ceremonial, called Kusiut, comparable to the Kwakwaka'wakw Tseyka.
Cast bronze lidded vessel of a short-lived form called a jian,
Ca. 770 - 476 BCE
Made only during the Eastern Zhou, jian were usually quite large. Not only is the example seen here of unusually small size, but the design of the knob on the lid is also peculiar, resembling a flared disc shape often encountered on zhan, gui and dou form vessels. In many ways, the vessel more closely resembles a zhan, except it lacks the necessary feet. Vessel forms evolved in many ways during the Zhou Dynasty, and this example may represent a transitional form..
Carl William Peters
Rockport Harbor, ca. 1950
Carl Peters was born in upper New York State in 1897. He was a pupil of noted American artists Charles Rosen, Harry Leith-Ross, and John Fabian Carlson. A respected member of the artistic community in Rochester, New York, he belonged to many professional organizations including the American Federation of Artists, the Rochester Art Club, the Rockport Art Association, and the American Watercolor Society.
Gold Marriage Necklace Pendant (Kazhutthuru or Tali), late 19th Century
Nattukottai Chettiar Community, Tamil Nadu, India
This gold pendant is repoussed and pierced and shows a central figure of Shiva and Parvati seated on their bull vahana, Nandi. The details are very fine. A thin sheet of copper enamelled red has been placed behind the pierce front-piece providing a pleasing contrast with the gold. The pendant has four striking ribbed finger-like finials attached from its base. The top of the pendant curves over and is embellished with a big sweep of fine, applied spheres to emulate weaving work.
Rope Bracelets
Gold, 4th C. BC
Marine Reptile Skull
Jurassic, Germany
Cameo Ring
Pink Quartz
Pairoj Karndee
Seduction, Paris
Georgia O'Keeffe
Some Memories ...
Pablo Picasso
Assiette Visage De Face
William Bouguereau
La Bouquetiere
Y. Q. Wang - Pears and a Silver Tankard
Alfonso Iannelli
"Radio" Entrance
Bronze Jain Digambara Tirthankara
Earliest Printed Book on Economics
Eshu Dance Wands
Yoruba, Nigeria
Thomas Cullum
Flintlock Pistols
Johannes Willem Groot
Mother Sewing with...
Stock Market Folly
Full Mottled Calf
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